How fitting is it that Baylor had a monumental crash off the swing just ONE DAY before he turned 2? I mean, who celebrate a birthday without some battle wounds, right? Truthfully it’s the perfect documentation of how his life as gone so far! I am just glad we’ve kept him alive for this long! This blonde headed, blue eyed warrior child sure is a hand full, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Thank you Baylor for coming into my life. For showing me what it’s like to be a mother to a little boy! For the leg squeezes and the temper tantrums! I never thought my little boy could have more emotional curve balls than my little girl, but you proved it could be possible! The second I laid my eyes on you, I knew you were special. You still love to cuddle and you still love to hug BUT you now also enjoy hitting and tackling your family members. So, yeah, that’s a new development! Even though your death scowl has the power to kill someone’s soul, you can’t fool me with that tough guy act! I know you are a softy on the inside! If you happen to pull the bottom drawer out in the kitchen, and climb on top of the counter to get the butter, you know I will give you that look! And that ‘look’ will set you off in tears every time! So, I like to sit with you while we sit in time out and talk about why it’s not okay to climb on the kitchen counters!

OR get into the toilet water!

Or turn on the tub water!

Or get into the fridge and crack the eggs!

Or unroll all the toilet paper!

Or destroy a plant!

Or eat some dog food!

Or climb on your dresser!

Or eat the lotion!

Or pull your diaper off!

Or pee on the carpet!

Or all the other stuff you like to do that I enjoy so very much!

After we do that we hug each other and you give me one of your open mouth slobbery kisses that I love so much!


Yes, Baylor, you are quite the handful but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

You love your nasty mangy stuffed dog, we like to call MAX, more than any other toy in our home! Even though he isn’t white anymore, his little tail will forever be placed between your two fingers while you run carelessly through our yard!

You love your sister Reagan and you hate your sister Reagan! You two sure are quite the pair and maybe someday you will play together in peace and harmony for longer than 5 minutes.

You love your cars and your bicycle! You like to hold them in your cubby little hand and make sounds like, ‘vaaarrrrooooommmm’, and ‘put put put put’!

If you ever see a car, or horse, or plane, you make sure to let everyone know about it!! A CAR! A TRUCK! A HORSE! A PLANE!!!

You love Bubble Gubbies and bubble gum!

And most importantly, you LOVE life and exploring new things!


Happy 2nd Birthday, Baylor Boy!

I sure love you!


IMG_4188 IMG_4198thanks GRANDMA VICKI for the amazing custom made jersey and shorts! He’s a baller now! reand because I took this picture on his birthday…

thank you postbathiamgoingtodressmyself Reagan!


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