Just because school is in session doesn’t mean you can’t still get your playground workout on!

playgroundworkoutsBefore we start our workout, make sure you warm up properly!

Check out THIS POST to find the perfect warm-up for any workout.

IMG_3207Let’s get down to business, shall we?

25 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

(for those that don’t know the CrossFit lingo CHECK OUT THIS POST)

10 leg-lifted push-ups

1 basketball court sprint (just run back and forth touching each line on each end)

5 slide runs

So, you do those 3 movements, in that order, over and over again until the 25 minutes is up!


basketball court sprintswrk3

slide runs or …

running up the slide!wrk6…and just in case you need another view.

erk7Your kids will think you’re the coolest mom around.

IMG_4927yep, he’s proud of me!

Check out WORKOUT 1 and WORKOUT 2 and WORKOUT 3 of my playground workout series too.

AND, if you really want a challenge…check my 6 WEEK AT-HOME CROSSFIT INSPIRED WORKOUT PROGRAM!!


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