Gearing Up For Fall with SAGE AND HARPER {Fashion}

photo credit to the talented: TRAVIS J PHOTOGRAPHY | follow him on INSTAGRAM @TRAVISJ_PHOTO

Just prepare yourself for some ridiculously incredible photos…and make sure to scroll to the end because you will want to make sure to check out what we have in store for you!

  giveawayimage    Sometimes in life, all the stars align and God drops you a serious solid. The kind of solid that makes you think to yourself, “Wait a second…this isn’t real life!” That my friends, is exactly how I felt during this ridiculous Sage & Harper photo shoot for her new Fall line. Never in my life would I have imagined that my little lifestyle blog would take me to this place, with these people, shooting these ridiculous shots, with these ridiculous clothes and accessories. I mean come on, I’m a 26 year old mom of 2 from Idaho. But I digress, this post really has nothing to do with me, other than the simple fact that I could not feel more honored and humbled to have been apart of this photo shoot. Ali and I have become the best of friends through this blogging world and I have seen her design bag after bag after bag…but ladies, she has OUTDONE herself with this Fall line.


      While talking to her about the new line a few weeks ago, I could tell something was special about it. She was not holding ANYTHING back. When she invited me to come model the bags she told me about all the amazing companies and people that were involved. I mean really, pulling out all the stops!


From the clothing (& Apparel)

to the watches (ARVO watches)

to the makeup (Vivian Makeup Artist)

to the unbelievable photographer (Travis J Photography)!


(trousers w/suspenders from @recycleddesign)

This photo shoot really was epic. and those bags…I mean. Was I right or was I right? #idie #buried #shutthedoor #andtheshutters #forreal

…just keep scrolling and maybe, just maybe, you will get in on some giveaway action!!



 Okay, before I start running my mouth about this GIVEAWAY Ali and I have up our sleeves, let’s first talk about this ridiculous location. I want you all to go back and scroll through the photos again and just take in all the amazing modernhomeridiculousgoodness that you see! I was BLOWN AWAY by this home that Matt and Sadie Anderson of Salt Lake City, UT built! If you want to see more of the home check out the hashtag #andersonresidence on instagram. Thank you again Matt and Sadie. Not only was home phenomenally breathtaking but you two were beyond kind and generous to let us come in with our stilettos and walk all over your soft wooded patio.. HA! but really, thank you again. People like you make me glad I moved here!

Love letter done. Not really though because I could write love letters about all the people I worked with on this shoot. BUT instead of love letters, why not just share their talents with my readers and spread the love.

So here’s the deal…to get you all prepped and ready for fall, all these phenomenal contributors of the photo shoot are NOW contributing to the giveaway.

Which means we are giving away a…

SAGE AND HARPER BAG | $70 CREDIT TO &APPAREL | AN ARVO WATCH | $50 CREDIT TO VIVIAN MAKEUP ARTIST | A MINI PHOTO SESSION WITH TRAVIS J PHOTOGRAPHY | and from me…uhhh you get a really big fat virtual kiss and butt slap!

HOLY SHIZ…that’s a lot of amazing stuff guys!

So, this is how you enter.

1. Head on over to my instagram @SIMPLYSADIEJANE and check out the image from this blog post, there you will find links to all the other companies instagram feeds. Make sure you follow everyone!

2. Tag 5 of your bestest best friends

3. Check out each of their sites and comment below telling me what you would buy from each company! If you don’t have an instagram account…GET ONE or just let me know in the comments!

4. For a HUGE EXTRA ENTRY: REPOST the picture with the hashtag #sageandharperfallgiveaway


You have until August 31st to enter.

Makeup and Photography only available to UTAH residents. Everything else available to US RESIDENTS only!


 also, dear ali, i love you more than you know. i couldn’t be more proud of you (unless maybe i was yo momma!) thank you for working your little bootie off and showing me that anything is possible with a little hard work and a lot of good soul. you really are one of a kind and gosh dang it, i am obsessed with your kind heart and free spirit. thank you for allowing me to have a little part in your journey. you my dear friend, are one of a kind. kisses and hugs and chest bumps and butt slaps forever and ever. sadie jane.


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