Welcome home Sabins…for now! {Family}

I guess it’s safe to blog about our rental now! If you follow me on instagram, you saw about two weeks ago I found a place for us to rent. BUT, I haven’t wanted to blog about it because we hadn’t signed the rental papers yet!! NOW we have SO I’m excited to share all the deets on how I stumbled upon this rental. Which really is a huge deal for a number of reasons. 1. We had maybe 2 weeks max to find a place. 2. We needed to find a place that was affordable yet not in the ghetto! 3. I REALLY wanted to rent a home.
sub a. for a private backyard
sub b. a garage
4. Rentals are SLIM in and around SLC right now!
So, let me tell you what went down. I had come to SLC without Jeff to try and find a place to rent. I had looked at a handful of places…maybe 10-14 places. I was getting discouraged! You literally have to give your left arm to rent a decent place in SLC, or around it. My sister in-law was with me and I told her I just wanted to drive around a bit and call Jeff. I REALLY didn’t want to go look for another place that was filled with the smell of smoke or that was in a sketchy area. I was trying my darndest to find a home so we didn’t have to put most of our things in storage! Wellll I pulled off onto a random road and parked next to a random house. I was busy trying to update Jeff with the progress or lack thereof, when Marci nudges and pointed to a “FOR SALE BY OWNER” sign in the front yard. Well, I called the number and ended up talking to the owner of the home for 45 minutes! I had my GAME FACE on!! I KNEW I needed to rent this home! I told the home owner to look up our home in Rigby that we owned. SURELY, if she saw the pictures of our home she would see that we take pride in the places we live in. She agreed to talk to her partner about it and before I knew it, I had an appointment with them the following day. We met up the next day and decided it was meant to be! They were going to let me rent the place and put the sale on hold.
Here’s the real kicker about the whole story…the house hadn’t even been on the market for ONE WEEK. They were letting us rent for an AMAZING price. AND remember how I said I wasn’t even suppose to be ON THAT ROAD. Divine intervention you guys. For real. It’s amazing to me how aware the Lord is of us. More than we could possibly comprehend. He knows what we need and if we listen, he will lead us there!! Funny thing is, I don’t even remember hearing a ‘still small voice’. I do however, remember praying with ALL my might all day and night to be guided to a place for our family to live. I don’t know why I had to go through all that work of tirelessly looking for rentals. Or why I had to go walk through all those other options, only to know without a shadow of a doubt that this place was meant for us! BUT, I do know that FAITH…without WORKS…is dead! The Lord will provide, but we need to work for it. I needed to see all those other places so I knew just how lucky we were to have the place that we do. Which, really, I have to remind myself daily when I’m sharing a bathroom with my kids, scrubbing the scratched and torn linoleum, or having sewage issues!
God is good guys, really really good!
OKAY enough of that…let’s look at the home.
Oh, I should probably mention another amazing reason why this house was meant for us. The owner is open to us updating the place and painting and such. So much so, that if we receive her written consent beforehand, she will take the cost of the materials out of our rent. It’s a win win for both of us. OH, and did I mention we MIIIIGGGHHHHHTTTT consider buying the place?…but that discussion is for another blog post!
This little garage will be semi-perfect for our gym. We have to figure a couple things out…like how Jeff will do all his overhead lifts. #tallpeopleproblems Oh, and we need to figure out the pull up situation too. BUT we have a garage. Amen
The day before we moved in we painted the entire upstairs. Sans bathroom. It hadn’t been painted for 20 years and it needed the fresh coat. We painted to ceiling as well, I mean it was pink! I decided to use to color CRUSHED ICE from SHERWIN WILLIAMS! It’s the perfect light grey and in the light it is practically white. I knew I loved the color and I felt like it was a safe move. Sometimes whites can be the WRONG white…if you know what I’m saying!
I decided one thing FOR SURE when I started to decorate and design this space. ANYTHING GOES, but I wanted to stick with a more modern style. I mean, I have a brick wood burner stove people! I’m seeing fun new potential with this place.
This home couldn’t be more different from what I am coming from so I am embracing the difference and allowing myself to go in fun directions! But for now…I should probably do something with all my decorations.
We sold our Pottery Barn dining room table that we loved simply because it wouldn’t fit in this home, BUT that means new possibilities for some fun new dining options! We found the perfect table at IKEA and are now just waiting till we come across the perfect dining room chairs! Any suggestions? Oh, and that light fixture is going soon as well…
The kitchen is small but has some great potential. Even if we don’t do anything to it, it’s great how it is! For now! And although this linoleum is super crusty…I am DYING over these original hardwood floors. LOVE THEM!
The view from my kitchen window!
We decided to all live upstairs, which means BUNK BEDS were a must!! The bedrooms have these funky windows that follow the shape of the vaulted ceilings. I would love to put some fun stain glassed something in the windows if I knew my kids wouldn’t touch them. #onecandream The bunk beds, bedding, and rug are from IKEA. We pretty much take daily trips there these days. I mean, it is only 15 minutes away. #holla
This is our bedroom. The dark green carpet, broken shutters, awesome light fixtures…take it ALLLLL in!
Oh, and we can’t leave out our sweet bathroom! Complete with WINNIE THE POOH drawer handles. YES. You heard me right. WINNIE THE POOH. #therearenowords
The house needs some major work but it has charm and is PERFECT for our family. Jeff and I aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. We are excited for the projects we could accomplish in this house. Our neighbor, Kyle, has a magical garden! Every night he hands us vegetables freshly picked over our fence. The neighborhood is really old but everyone we’ve talked to is happy to have a young family next door. I apologized beforehand for the noise they are likely to make at 7 am. “We don’t mind!” “It’s nice to hear some kids outside again!” Enter my tears of joy!
I know it seems crazy that we would do projects on a home that we might not be in for longer than a year, but we just can’t help it. We are home owners. We fix things and build things and make things feel like home. I am not physically capable of just ‘living’ somewhere and not making it feel like my own! So, why not? That hanging lamp above the TV/computer is from IKEA as well. I wasn’t kidding when I said I went there on the daily!
Our backyard really is a dream. Walnut, cherry, and apple trees. They are beautiful and easily one of my favorite things about this house.
It was raining the day I took this picture but if it was a clear day you would see the most amazing view of the mountains. I will be sure to get a better picture up soon.
There is a full basement downstairs with 2 more bedrooms, bath, and our playroom/family room BUT I didn’t bother taking pictures of it because it’s ghettttttoooo down there and kinda scary, OH, and it still smells like sewage, don’t worry!! Remember how I told you I have to remind myself to count my blessing? Let’s just say the plumbing in this house has SERIOUS issues and Roto-Rooter has been here 2 times already. Okay, fine, I will just tell you the whole story. The kitchen sink and the shower upstairs wouldn’t drain and then Saturday morning Jeff woke me up and told me the basement had flooded!!!!! With sewage. After a few bottles of bleach, mops, and old towels…the basement is cleaned and the plumbing is fixed for now. Old homes suck  Old homes have great potential!
We are still obsessed with this home and happy to be where we are…we just might reconsider buying it.
BUT…it has only been one week.
Let’s see what next week brings!
I promise to have another PLAYGROUND WORKOUT up later tonight!!
Thank you for being patient with me throughout this move!
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