DIY floral party hat and cake stencil! {Tutorials}

Round 2 of my Cricut Design Star competition was all about wedding/celebration! My amazing team chose the theme ‘FLORAL AFFAIR’.

cricut8Since we moved out of our home, on Reagan’s birthday in July, we never really had an ‘official’ birthday cake for her. We had a party the Saturday before with cupcakes, but not a cake. So, I took this project as a mommy redemption moment! It was so easy too!


For the flower birthday hat, I simply used the first picture in the collage above. That template had everything I needed! I ended up cutting out a million little leaves and simply gluing them together to make a flower. I glued them different ways, with different ends poking out, and I shaped them all differently to make them all look different. (you can search this template yourself!) Just look under categories and click on the “paper crafts” section, scroll down a couple rows and it’s right there, waiting for you to cut it out!!

cricut6   cricut5 cricut4  For the cake, I simply searching the word “floral” under the upload tab on the left hand side of your design space and picked a good ‘stencil-like’ cut out. cricut

I do have to give somewhat of a disclaimer to the next few pictures! I was in the process of taking these pictures when Baylor had a MAJOR BLOWOUT! I mean, can you say, too much fiber in your diet? But for real, I had to bath him and everything. By the time I got back to the cake, it had begun to MELT!!!! UGH! I hadn’t even taken pictures yet…SO, I rushed it to the fridge and prayed and waited for what seemed like forever. After the cake set up again, it was too late. The cake was helpless, BUT, I photographed it any way! DANG IT!!!


This DIY was really fun though! Once I cut out my stencil using cardstock and the cricut, of course. I simply got one of my flathead makeup brushes (I use to blend with), washed it really well, and used it as my paint brush!! I took a couple drops of food coloring and diluted the food coloring with just a tiny bit of water. Then slowly stenciled it on. I’m not sure what the technique is called that I used to stencil the color on. But I did not ‘brush’ it on. I just slightly ‘dabbed’ it on, over and over again, until it filled in the stencil. cricut12

…and there you have it folks! Pin the crap out of it and use it for your kids next birthday celebration! Or use it for your birthday! I would rock that party hat hard! Oh, and in case you are wondering…Reagan had a great fake birthday. I even let her eat as much melted cake as she wanted. #momoftheyearaward

cricut2 Remember my sweet teammates?…I’m not alone in this Design Challenge- I’m a part of an awesome team of DIYers.

My Cricut Design Space Star™ team (“Lucky 13” aka #CricutDesignTeam13) consists of MJ of Pars Caeli, Sarah and Jessica of Pretty Providence, Melissa of The Sweet Escape, Sadie Jane of Simply Sadie Jane, Crystal of Sew Creative Blog, Katie of That Girl Katie, Celina of Petit A Petit and Family, Andrea of Andrea’s Notebook, and last but certainly not least Erin & Tricia of Suburban Bitches.

floralaffairCould you DIE over all these amazing designs!?! You need to go check them out!

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  6. Petit a Petit and Family’s Birthday Kit
  7. Suburban Bitches’ Floral Chandelier
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  10. That Girl Katie’s Floral Vases
  11. Sew Creative’s Flower Girl Barrettes
  12. Simply Sadie Jane’s Flower Stamped Cake and Flower Party Hats


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