Sunday Style + our first Primary Program {Fashion}

photo credit: TRAVIS J PHOTOGRAPHY | follow him on INSTAGRAM @travisj_photo
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digital print jacket and dress: RECYCLED CONSIGN AND DESIGN (designer: KINGDOM AND STATE)

TJP_1219Sundays are good for the soul, I tell you what! This Sunday was full of perfection. And really, the entire weekend was rejuvenating and spiritually uplifting. I attend the LDS Women’s Conference at the conference center in Salt Lake City on Saturday. It was such a wonderful meeting. Full of encouraging words and music that filled my soul with so much joy! Like many other women, I am sure, Deiter F. Uchtdorf talk was especially touching to me. He talked about God and His love for us. “The infinite creator of light and life knows you. He is mindful of you. Yes, God loves you. This day and always!”  God loves us, always! No matter what we are doing with our lives, he will always love us. When life is full of so much uncertainty, judgment, hate, and bitterness, coming at you from every angle and every watching eye. Isn’t it nice to know that the only real person that matters, God, always had and always will love us! Even through the bad. He is our creator and our judge, not the world and people around us. I hope I can always remember that! TJP_1244

It was Reagan’s first primary program today! We have been practicing her little line for weeks now! It was also my first primary program that I was sitting in the congregation for since 2011! Reagan’s primary is extremely smaller here compared to back in Idaho. Like, we are talking 20 kids here and 185 kids there!! But, though small in numbers, the spirit still touched every fiber of my heart today. Seeing my little girl standing the shortest amongst those other little angels, really is an unexplainable feeling. She mostly smiled and waved for the first half of the program. Not much singing was done on her part. She just enjoyed being up there, watching all of us watch her. But towards the end of the program, she started getting tired. Yawning during songs and scowling down at me. I was getting worried and wondered if she would even want to say her part at this point, let alone remember it. When it was her turn, she exceeded my expectations. I should have known, my wild and sassy little Reagan marched right up to that podium with a strong smile on her face. She paused for a few seconds, looked around, and took a long deep breathe into the mike (we could all hear it), she then spouted off her line, “Heavenly Father has given us temples. We love to see the temple.” And proudly walked back to her seat. The second she sat down, she gave me a thumbs up and Jeff and I exchanged thumbs up and big smiles back at her. She then placed herself in her teachers arms and quickly fell asleep. As if my heart wasn’t full enough. She slayed me today. Just killed me with her actions and attitude and face, oh that face! I just love you miss Reagan Jane. Forever and Always.

In other news, those 2 pictures are just a little tease for you all of my family pictures from last Wednesday! I can’t wait to share more. That Travis dude that takes all my photos, yeah him…he’s a pretty incredibly talented guy! stay tuned.


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