My Mommy’s Style YouTube feature { Fitness }

First, I have to tell you how much I simply adore the sisters over here at My Mommy’s Style!

Not only are they beautiful souls but man, they are just so gorgeous on the outside as well. They are such amazing examples of great mothers and friends. What an inspiration they are to me and I am just so thrilled to be able to participate in their amazing YouTube series.

mymommysstyleI hope this video can help inspire other women to have courage to share their stories and find peace and support through this virtual world.

As a blogger I feel like it’s normal to put my life out for the world to see. And when I was planning for this video, I hadn’t planned to talk about anything I hadn’t already shared with my readers. Initially, Camille had simply told me to think about what ‘my mommy’s style’ is… Well, that would be easy…was my first thought. My style is fitness and being healthy! But then I really started to think about it. Although fitness is HUGE for me, and I strive to inspire mom’s daily to get fit, I realized that just the simple fact of WANTING to inspire goes so much deeper than I had ever realized. When I sat down in that chair, something came over me to share my story about my childhood, my mother, and the broken home I came from. With cameras and random dudes standing all around me, I was able to tune everything out and simple share some of my deepest feelings with Janae and Camille. They looked me straight in the eye and asked me some of the most sincere questions. I had no other choice but to reach down deep and find my true ‘Mommy’s Style”. Something happened to me that day and I will forever be thankful for it!TJP_0483-Edit

Some say that a childhood shouldn’t define you. You can’t let the past hold you back. But, the past is the reason why I am living so fully. There have been times in my life when I wish I didn’t have to deal with the struggle of divorce, combined families, and struggling dynamics. But for the first time ever! …while I was sitting in that chair, I felt empowered. I took a glimpse into my life and realized that I had found COURAGE throughout my life to conquer the trails and struggles that came in my way. I found the courage to feel like I was enough to share my voice through my blog. Courage to share my fitness journey. Courage to raise a family of my own. AND courage to wake up everyday, face the world, and live life to the fullest!

I hope I can touch a few mothers out there today by sharing my story and hopefully, we can find new friendships and support! I will never ever regret sharing my story. I know if I have courage to share, that someone out there can relate and learn. That’s what I love about this amazing YouTube series. We, as mothers, come together and learn from each others struggles, weaknesses, and strengths!

Thank you again, My Mommy’s Style, for having me. Make sure to subscribe to their YOUTUBE channel for new videos every Monday, featuring mom’s just like you, and their story through motherhood!

Remember to have courage in all things!

Sadie Jane

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