Remember THIS POST!

Well, I am happy to say, that even with all those amazing options…I didn’t choose any of them!

All those options and still FOUR CHAIRS FURNITURE had more variety. It’s ridiculous how amazing their furniture selection is you guys.

image-4Instead, I picked out these light weight, easy to clean, sleek, modern, comfortable, ridiculously awesome looking, my favorite thing in this home, chairs! You follow me?

IMG_1908-1Suddenly, the ripped up linoleum and crusty cabinets and everything else in this rental that needs updated and fixed, doesn’t feel so bad after all!!

They are even comfortable enough to fall asleep in, just ask Reagan!


The perfect ‘chill’ chair! Ya know, when you want to sit and eat a fruit snack and reflect on life!IMG_2378

Great for helping mom bake or use to get into the food cupboards when I’m not watching.IMG_2883

You can even fit two kids per one chair if needed!! IMG_3101

Oh, and it has now become my number one photo shoot accessory.IMG_2449  oils7Pretty much what I am telling you is that I cannot even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with these chairs! The BEST purchase I have made for my home.

and YOU can purchase them too!


and your dream’s are sure to come true if you add them to your home!

Thank you Four Chairs Furniture for rocking my world, yet again!!!!

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