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xcelfitness8fitnessxcelfitness7xcelfitness5 xcelfitness3xcelfitness2xcelfitness1xcelfitness7xcelfitness6I think you are all really sick of me started my posts with the phrase, when I moved to Utah… but I can’t help it. I feel like everything has become clear since moving here. Instead of talking about everything, let’s talk about fitness. Getting fit wasn’t easy for me. Read about my journey HERE. Truthfully, I don’t think it’s easy for anyone, but everyone has their own way of losing weight. I would imagine people try this and try this and use this DVD and that instructional video, but I, however, have only EVER lost weight and maintained a LEAN and TONED body through CrossFit. I don’t know many, if any, other bloggers that preach about CrossFit like I do, but there’s a reason for that. I know it works. ABOVE any other workout or class. The “IDEA”, the “SCIENCE” behind CrossFit WORKS. I started going to a CrossFit gym in Idaho when Reagan was 6 months old. A couple years later we decided to move the gym to our garage and share what we have learned and continued to learn with my readers. I wasn’t prepared for the response we received from thousands of readers around the world. All of whom just didn’t know where to start! The 6 week program my husband and I compiled has been a starting point for so many and for so many it has brought them something challenging and new that they can do in their homes. Here’s what is funny about the program. Many of the people that finish this program at home, finally have the courage to try out their own CrossFit gym where they live. All of the sudden, an hour and a half at the gym doesn’t seem so impossible anymore. Once you get into the habit of doing it at home, you want something to challenge you, something to make you better, make you hungry for growth. Well, that is exactly what happened to Jeff and I when we moved to Utah.
Although we thought we had found a place to rent with a descent garage for our CrossFit gear, we soon found out that overhead lifts and pullups were not going to be possible. So, we decided that since we lived in the city, we would go look around for other options. What we wanted and needed from a CrossFit gym, just didn’t exist. Something affordable, close to our home, and had a child care area. YEAH, guess what, CrossFit gyms don’t have child care. I knew I was out of luck. UNTIL, the heavens opened, no really guys, the heavens opened and I was full-on guided to this gym. Call me crazy or dramatic, but wait until you hear about this gym and then you won’t think I’m crazy.
I have no doubt, IN MY MIND, that XCEL FITNESS is the number 1 gym facility in UTAH. Oh, and don’t worry, I just happen to live 5 minutes away from it. I really think everyone in UTAH needs to hear about this gym. When you first walk into Excel you see what looks like a Crossfit Box. Bumper weights, pull up bars, sleds, and climbing ropes free for the gym members to use without any classes or schedules, but then you keep walking and see the free weights and boxing area. Upstairs they have their machine station thingamajiggers that I don’t know how to use because I don’t use machines when I am one MYSELF! HA. jk, back to the story. Treadmills and ellipticals. Oh, and then you have your pilates, barre, spinning, hot yoga, yoga, and kick boxing rooms. You think I’m done. NO way. If you go back downstairs and pass the CrossFit equipment area, you will find a room called C2X CROSSFIT. Don’t worry, this gym has a CROSSFIT BOX inside the GYM! If I haven’t blown your mind yet, here’s the real kicker. They have a child care area. And, not just any child care area, but one with at least 3 adorable sweet girls working there (these ladies are so good with my kids) oh, and don’t worry, they do crafts and learning time and play time with my kids too. It’s ridiculous. Like. Really. NOTHING LIKE THIS GYM EXISTS.
So, let me tell you what Jeff and I did. We both received a membership to the gym. Jeff goes every morning and does all his CrossFit training and WODS by himself in the main gym area, and I go the the CrossFit box, C2X CROSSFIT. OHHH, it feels SOOO GOOD to be apart of a box again. And you know what the best part about it is? I am started to tone out more. When you’ve been doing CrossFit for as long as I have, you need some competition, drive, and coaching to get the results you want.
Oh, I should say this too. The results I am hoping for, aren’t what you think. I don’t want to compete (once upon a time I entertained the idea) I just want to stay fit, strong, healthy, lean, and toned! These CrossFit classes aren’t made to make you look like the CrossFit Games athletes. Those cray cray dudes that I have so so much respect for, train for like 4-6 hours a day! AIN’T NOBODY’S GOT TIME FOR THAT! I go to classes with other fit moms that understand CrossFit the way I do. They get the benefit of mixing your cardio with your weight lifting. It’s not rocket science people, when done right, CrossFit works. (I think all you that have done my at-home program can preach with me!)
For the FIRST TIME in my MOTHERING LIFE, ha, which really isn’t that long since Reagan is only 4. But still, for the first time. I FINALLY have somewhere to take my kids that isn’t sketchy and unsanitary. I have a gym that I can call home. A gym that I never thought existed. A gym that will help me reach my fitness goals, even if they are just to continue to stay fit. I FINALLY have a CrossFit box that is FAMILY FRIENDLY. Can I get an amen!!?!! Ran by trainers and coaches that are ridiculously legit and have competed in the CrossFit games before. #hardcore AND owned by a couple who really want to help better peoples lives. This isn’t a chain or a franchise, this is a privately owned and operated gym.
It’s just what we need to achieve our goals. I truly hope all my Utah readers come and take a look at this facility. It’s one of a kind. And for those readers that don’t live in Utah, don’t you fret. I know it’s hard to find a place to feel comfortable with. Or to even find the time or money. But, GOOD THANG my at-home workouts and programs aren’t going ANYWHERE!!! I’m still here to help you every step of the way.
Are you still with me?
Have you fallen asleep, because wake back up! I have ONE MORE THING to tell you about this gym. They JUST MIGHT have the most amazing fitness, health store IN the gym that is open to the ENTIRE PUBLIC. I know, it’s ridiculous. They are ridiculous. This FIT LIFE BOUTIQUE, that’s the name in case you were confused, carries the ENTIRE REEBOK CROSSFIT LINE. And, they sell their shoes and clothing cheaper than any other distributor, but I didn’t tell you that…
Did you happen to catch the part about this store being available to the ENTIRE PUBLIC? They sell anything from quest bars, to protein powder to headphones, clothes, and more. I am so excited to be teaming up with them on some fun fitness looks for my blog. This head to toe look above is from FIT LIFE BOUTIQUE and is in stores NOW!
In conclusion, because, let’s be real, a post this long needs a conclusion. I’m obsessed with CrossFit, you should try it. If you live in Utah, get your butt over to Excel Fitness and check it out. While you are there, go to their store and buy some killer gear. Amen.

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