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Free People | Salt Lake City, UTFree People | Salt Lake City, UTFree People | Salt Lake City, UT

Free People | Salt Lake City, UT
Sometimes life gives you a solid. Like a real good slap on the back. A pick me up. A magical hand out that you never thought was possible. That’s what happened to me when this shoot happened. I had been contacted by the gorgeously talented Emmy from Emmy Lowe Photo about being the model for her monthly floral collaboration that she did. Of course I was SO DOWN to jump on board and participate! Little did I know how magical the photos would turn out. It was magical you guys. I know. I know. It’s not relateable in the least, but for a few seconds, can we just dive into this beautiful floral dream and enjoy the photos. As a mother I feel like I struggle with getting ready one day out of the week, let alone showering on a regular basis. But this. this magical shoot, was good for my soul. Not even because of the way I look in the photos. but because I was able to be a canvas. Able to participate in something that was so beautiful for so many others…not just myself. See, what I think is spectacular is the fact that I get to be surrounded by so many talented people. People that have literally been given these gifts from God to beautify things with their hands or see a beautiful image through the eye of a camera lens. They wake every morning with inspiration in their hearts and crave to create art. It was a humbling experience to see them create and work. I think as a mother, I see gifts in my children that are unique and beautiful. Gifts that are special. I can only hope that I allow and help cultivate those special talents so that one day they can feel like one of these ladies that I worked with. They can feel like they can chase their dreams of creativity and art. I would be a proud mother to see them chasing a dream, even if that dream seems diluted by others. I have been touched by every single one of these ladies, beyond the photos I received. They reminded me that beautiful art exists and doesn’t need a rhyme or reason for it. I am such a practical person and usually only do things if there is a purpose behind it. BUT. I wonder what would happen if we all took more time to create things just for the simple fact that that creation brings beauty to the earth. I, for one, think this earth would be more magical, bright, happy, and purposeful. Don’t you feel inspired and positive when your surrounded by beautiful things?
I hope every single one of you has a simply beautiful Christmas Eve. I am so blessed for this season and for the birth of our Savior. I am grateful for Mary, who humbly bore Jesus Christ amidst the most horrible of circumstances.
“OH come let us adore Him. Christ, the Lord”


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