my new favorite app just in time for Christmas {GAME IT}

I don’t know about you but if I am going to play a game, I want it to be worth it. That’s why I am so obsessed with this new app I found called Game It. In a few short words, GAME IT is pretty much The Social Competitive Shopping Experience. Find It. Game It. Win It. Put your big brain and strategy to the test and win awesome prizes for answering trivia around geography, pop culture, and history. HOW FUN IS THAT??? Play with friends for the latest and greatest products in fashion, tech, gadgets, and more! Products are awarded daily, and range from gift cards to Celine Luggage Handbags.

gameit1  Find It

Go on…scroll through our awesome products until you Find It, that perfect prize. Whether it’s fashion, tech, gadgets, auto or kids products, you will find the latest and greatest here.

Game It

After you find that product you’ve been looking for, Game It and play trivia to get the highest score. Not happy with your score? Not to worry, try the steal feature and get in the lead.

Win It

Play for your prize as many times as you like to ensure your score is highest by the games end duration and you Win It. Your prize will be on your door step shortly.

Share the game with your friends to ensure it is funded and the prize can be won, because who hates cool prizes and playing alone? You sure don’t and I know I don’t!


How to play

  1. Click the play button to answer 10 trivia questions in the indicated trivia topic assigned to the applicable product.
  2. Agree to contribute the amount of app virtual currency indicated for the applicable trivia contest.
  3. The goal is to be the fastest player with the most accurate answers. Remember, once you enter, you can continue to try and increase your score by playing the game as many times as you like for additional virtual currency.
  4. Each trivia contest will remain open to play until the earlier of:
    1. (a)   the time at which the maximum number of plays is reached for such trivia contest, and
    2. (b)   the end time displayed for such trivia contest.
  5. The player who is leading the trivia contest when the maximum number of plays is reached will win the applicable prize.
  6. Each time you play, you will get the same trivia topic, but different questions.
  7. You may also attempt to answer two bonus questions to boost your score in the applicable trivia contest for an additional amount of virtual currency.
  8. If the minimum number of players has not entered to play before the end time, then all players will be refunded the amount of virtual currency contributed for such trivia contest.
    1. For more details, see the Official Rules, which are posted below. All Game Play is governed by the Official Rules. By playing the Trivia Contest, you agree you have read and are bound by the Official Rules.


Available On:

iOS –

Android –

SO whose going to join me and play for some killer accessories and amazing products?!?


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