The epidemic of selfies… let’s take a stand with Soffe

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Some companies have great clothes, and some companies have great clothes at a great price… but I don’t know if I’ve ever been so impressed with a company like I have with Soffe brand! They don’t just have great workout clothing for a great price, they also stand for something amazing. Something that I feel could be fixed and should be addressed and even more than that… I really am so proud to be able to help spread the word about this new movement they are making! Though awareness of the Soffe brand is high, it’s predominately associated with the classic cotton short and a younger, cheer-focused demographic. Soffe has re-launched the brand and product line through its Feb. 2015 “The Strength Is In Us” campaign and Spring ’15 line. The brand is building relevancy beyond cheerleading and forging a deep emotional connection with a broader group of young women. Soffe stands for a brand that celebrates young women’s collective strength. It is creating ways to bring young women together in support of their shared goals. Cue #TheUsProject. Soffe is challenging the #selfie epidemic through its introduction of the #TheUsProject movement. This coverage will give credence to the movement, as it aims to encourage young women to focus on each other, those who give them strength, motivation and encouragement.

I seriously love this!! Have you ever heard about the statistics behind selfies? It’s crazy how social media in this day and age has pushed this epidemic to the surface…social media platforms are mostly image-based and force people to take (and share) a close look at themselves. People post more than 1 million selfies each day. 91 percent of teens have posted a picture of themselves online. 30 percent of all photos people aged 18-24 take are selfies. 35 percent of 18-24 year olds admit to altering their photos. I am guilty of taking a selfie every now and then, but when I do, I am always so critical of myself. I never feel like my skin is clear enough, my nose is too big, I don’t have enough makeup… the list goes on and on. I am so glad I wasn’t a teenager when selfies were around because I am sure it would be so hard on my self esteem. It’s hard enough to be a teenager without the pressures of social media! Did you know that studies show that selfies lead to decreased intimacy and more shallow relationships. They’ve given rise to the “selfie surgery” AKA using a number of apps to “fix” your face! I am guilty of it too! I’ve edited out my blemishes or made my eyelashes longer or mascara thicker! How sad that we feel like we have to portray “perfection”, since when was our original beautiful face not enough? I think the saddest statistic that I’ve heard resulting in this selfie epidemic is that plastic surgery has risen for patients younger than 30!image3


How about from here on out we make a stand, we join with Soffe and participate in the #TheUsProject! We can use social media to bring us together, instead of pitting us against one another, and even ourselves. Rather than compete with our friends, let’s build each other up. Let’s replace selfies with a statement that says “we” makes “me.” Together, we can make a more beautiful picture. Some of my absolute favorite pictures that I have on my instagram are of me and my sisters or me and my friends at the gym!! Or with some family and friends goofing off!IMG_1738


I am encouraging YOU to participate in the movement with me! There is even a contest going on, and if you win, you can win some amazing #TheUsProject apparel.


  • You can participate in the contest by posting a photo of yourself with their friends to Instagram, tagging a) #TheUsProject and b) @simplysadiejane

Let’s end this epidemic together! #TheUsProject movement


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