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It only took me a week to started sifting through photos and editing these gems to get them up on this here blog. I haven’t very good with updates since moving to the big old city! Which is ridiculous because man, this is still a journal of some sorts for me. SO, I want to attempt to continue to update and such every week or so! I think instagram has become my main source of family updating, but the blog is a good place too…especially if I am already busy with this said blog of mine…
Okay, back to this post. hi. Jeff and I took a 5 day adventure to Washington, D.C. to celebrate my dad being awarded the Horatio Alger award (more about that in the next DC recap post) THIS post however, is all about the tourist goodness we enjoyed while being there. When we weren’t at events and galas for the award, we were biking and walking and embracing the city with all the energy we could muster. oh wait, big side not here. We left our kids too. Yep, for 5 days! I could have died and either gone to heaven or a hell full of anxiety and nervous energy. But, grandma to the rescue. She flew all the way from Washington state and watching my little rambunctious bunch the entire time. Bless her soul! Like really. My kids mean business, like the kind of running in the street, climbing on counters, and littering our house with legos kind of business. We could have never left our children for that long if it wasn’t for her! We love you grandma Vicki so so very much and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and selfless service!
With grandma at the home front, we knew we could be free little love birds and enjoy all the city had to offer. We woke up with the sun rise every morning and walked through the crisp foggy morning air to the memorials and monuments. Which, just a side note. If you want the peace and sacred experience that these places can bring…for sure go in the morning! Like early. The first night we got there we decided to walk through the rain to the Lincoln Memorial and it was packed with literally EVERY high school kids from New Jersey. Okay, I don’t actually know what state they were from but there was sooo many of them. I am glad we tried again the next morning because we were able to experience Lincoln Memorial with just a couple of runners and the beautiful fog!
After the Lincoln Memorial we walked to the Arlington Cemetery. Such a beautiful, peaceful walk across the bridge and over the the hills to the cemetery. This was by far my most favorite memorial. We walked up to see the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. It really was life changing. Such a beautiful sacred moment. and after the touching patriotic moments… we ate… like a lot… as you can see by the pictures. I asked my instagram followers to tell me their favorites places to go and man they did NOT disappoint! I loved every place and all the delicious food. Why can’t calories not count when you are on vacation!? Dang it! We made up for all the eating with all the bike riding and walking we did. (including a pretty gnarly bike wreck from Jeff himself) I even tried my first Soul Cycle class there. And in case you were curious, yes, yes I am obsessed now! The entire week was beautiful. I love going to different cities and seeing how people live. It puts everything into perspective when you are able to educate yourself and see what God has created. I want to travel, travel, and travel some more with my kids and my husband by my side! This world is a beautiful place, rich of culture and beauty. Let’s enjoy it, shall we?
God bless America.

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