If not now, when? Prime Transformation

  New Balance | Salt Lake City, UT

Last Spring I had the opportunity to do some “fitness modeling” for a company I had never heard of before. I was simply told they needed me to come and workout, so of course, I was all over that! Haha. While I was there I was obviously curious about the company and definitely wanted to learn more. The producer mentioned that they were making a motivational video for a company called Prime Transformation.

New Balance | Salt Lake City, UT

Prime Transformation really wanted to make a profound video that highlighted strength and dedication. Something that would make an impact on people and motivate them to want to make a difference in their own life. You see, Prime Transformation is an online all-inclusive weight-loss program. With their primary focus being on nutrition!

Once I found out how great this company was and how perfect it would be for some of my readers, I decided I needed to not only share the cool video I was able to be apart of, but also share this incredible program. Prime is heavily focused on teaching people not only how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat; but it also teaches what happens on the inside of your body when you make food choices that are high in sugar or simple carbohydrates. In essence, Prime is designed to help people really understand the impact of their food choices. It teaches people in simple terms about blood sugar, insulin and how to manage both through diet and exercise. It’s really meant to help participants make long-term, lifestyle changes. This isn’t a weekend diet. What it teaches lasts a lifetime!

New Balance | Salt Lake City, UT

They really teach you the science! They don’t just throw you a meal plan, you actually get to educate yourself and learn.

According to Buck McMurray, company spokesperson,
“At Prime, we take a more measured approach to losing weight. We believe it’s 80% what we eat, 10% what we do, and 10% lifestyle—stress, sleep, habits. If we can help people get their nutrition right over a 12-week period, they can maintain for life. Our participants never feel hungry. They simply feel really good and really healthy.”

AND they are offering my readers 20% off their program with the code


So, how ’bout it guys?

If not now? When?

HUGE GINORMOUS SHOUT OUT goes to the guys who produced this video, if it weren’t for them, this video wouldn’t have made such a huge impact on so many!!! Including myself.

Check out their website to view more of their amazing work!


Thank you again Matt and Joel

Let’s show our appreciation for them by sharing this video and making it go viral! For reals!


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