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Yesterday, I made a rash decision and told my snapchat followers that I would post every little thing I eat on my snapchat. I had NO idea the commitment and annoyance it would become! HA. But really. My poor followers. And although I felt as if it started to become a bit ridiculous, I continued anyway! Some followers on Instagram and Facebook mentioned that they don’t have snapchat so, here I am, making a collage and talking all about what I ate yesterday. I hope this helps some of you and gives you some ideas! IF you are looking for MORE cleaning eating IDEAS…check out THIS BLOG POST HERE! Here’s the thing, I don’t count calories. I never really have. I strive to eat CLEAN, non-processed foods. I eat 6 small meals a day and have little treats and sweets here and there. I am a firm believer in moderation and balance in all things. Although I didn’t drink caffeine on this particular day, I will have myself a good caffeinated  beverage every once in a while. I DO NOT like pop/soda (unless I am having a major craving for Taco Bell and I drink a Mountain Dew, which happens maybe twice a year when I am with my sisters) (OR when I am having greasy pizza and I want a diet coke) BUT, for the most part I stay away from the stuff. It truthfully makes me feel awful, and I am not just saying that. IF I do need a pick me up drink, there are a few that contain b6, b12, or green tea extract that I love. I drink green tea on occasion in the morning because of it’s incredible health benefits as well. NOW, let’s get to the pictures…

  1. I literally cook everything with coconut oil! Eggs, chicken, quesadillas for my kids…seriously everything. Not all people love it because the taste can be somewhat strong but it’s my favorite. Especially with eggs. They mask the taste JUST enough, because the taste of eggs kind of grosses me out. (I have an issue with eggs) for realz. It’s a wonderful oil to use. Great for your face and body as well!
  2. EVEN THOUGH I have an issue with eggs (I hate the taste of eggs), I literally force myself to eat eggs almost every morning. It’s really the only thing I eat in the morning that I have noticed really boosts my metabolism and helps me lose weight. It just starts my day off perfectly. I don’t like to waste my fruits on a morning smoothie. And I am weird about drinking my calories. I know it’s weird, but over the last 2-3 years, I have really become aware of what works for my body.
  3. This was my second small meal of the day. I LOVE Justin’s almond butter packets! I always keep them in my purse for me and my kids.
  4. Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar is heaven sent! You will have to look up why it is so amazing for you (or I can do another post) but I love it because 1. it helps suppress my appetite. 2. great for an energy boost. 3. It’s a natural detoxifying agent. SO, I take a shot of it every morning with some V8 juice. About 2 teaspoons of vinegar and 1/4 cup of tomato juice. Chug Chug Chug. I promise you will see a difference.
  5. For lunch, I was running to a hair appointment so I grabbed a protein drink (always with water) and added some natural peanut butter powder.
  6. DRINK ALLL THE WATER! Like at least 8-10 cups a day.
  7. Tiny little treat during my hair appointment!
  8. Just a quick snack after parent teacher conferences.
  9. This is the quinoa salad from Costco. I will buy one about every two weeks and eat about a cup or so a day for a little meal.
  10. This particular quinoa salad had gone back from me not eating it. (I was sick with the flu right after I bought it and didn’t really have a chance to eat it all) With that being said, I grabbed a pumpkin cookie or two and enjoyed them on my way to the gym. #whoops
  12. Dinner! I have a bunch of different clean eating dinner options ON THIS POST, but tonight was simple sauteed chicken. Sauteed in coconut oil of course. Complete with wild rice (minute rice) they are individual packaged for one serving sizes. You can get them at all major grocery stores. AND broccoli straight from the microwave. (frozen steamable bags are the best invention ever)
  13. Jeff cooked himself a quesadilla after dinner so I allowed myself ONE BITE!
  15. and finally, I hit the late night cravings with tea!!
  16. I love berry teas, they are great for detoxing that water weight, and sleepytime tea just helps me relax and unwind!

 I really hope this helps you with what you eat during the day.


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