Christmas sweater party for the win.


It’s been a while since I’ve taken just plain simple pictures on my phone of my family and our random happenings! SO, since it’s Christmas time, I wanted to document some fun Christmas traditions we did this week.

One of my favorite traditions we have is our CHRISTMAS SWEATER night!

It evolved a bit this year into… Christmas ANYTHING clothing/CHRISTMAS PJ’s.

But we ALL have to wear something extremely festive and then we get to decorate gingerbread houses and watch a Christmas movie together.

I loved seeing Baylor in that vintage sweater! AND I loved seeing how creative they became when we started to decorate!

Wanna know were we got our festive Christmas wear?

I will give you ONE GUESS…



Give them a round of applause.

They always have the best festive Christmas wear, let me tell you.

I even found my sweet Rudolph onsie there, for guess how much…


You win D.I., you win!

Thanks for making our Christmas sweater night a hit again this year!


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