The L.O.V.E. workout!

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LOVE IS IN THE AIR my friends and I LOVE it! Valentine’s Day has got to be one of my favorite holidays, for so so many reasons! The candy, the color scheme, the idea of celebrating LOVE. You all know that I LOVE LOVE! Which is why I am so stoked for today’s blog post. I’ve teamed up with the lululemon at TROLLEY SQUARE to show you just how fun working out with your special someone can be AND show off some of their recent styles and designs they just got in their store. HINT HINT

Valentine’s color inspired fitness gear is hands down the best gift for your special someone. Trust me here on this one!

Chocolates melt, and flowers die, but dudes, you can wear these clothes like for the rest of your life. They are just that great of quality!

I don’t know why I’ve never bought this color for Jeff before but it needs to be in his wardrobe on the daily! I love the way he looks in that black cherry color.

Working out with your special someone is not only encouraging, but it can make it so much more fun and enjoyable. It can also help motivate and push you. I have always been such an advocate for having someone to support you and your goals. Being someone’s motivational workout partner not only benefits YOU, but it benefits THEM as well. A win win in my book._DSC5631ashleebrookephotography

Looking for a fun workout to do with YOUR special someone this Valentine’s Day weekend?

Look no further!!

NO equipment required but you are SURE to break a sweat and loosen up all those important muscles that might be used on a holiday such as Valentine’s Day! #scandalous #wherestheeyecoveringmonkeyemoji?

Check out the LOVE workout


10 Lunges (each leg)

1 MINUTE On the wall – wall sits

(yes, I am aware they are normally called wall sits, but I needed something that started with “O” and I wasn’t about to make you overhead squat your partner, so just give me some point for trying to be creative here)

10 V-ups

10 Elevated push ups




OH, and during each round you MUST kiss each other passionately AND you have to smile and gaze into each others eyes longingly through out the workout.

Okay fine, that part isn’t required and frankly, I am just making fun of our cheesy pictures, but I still think you should do it!!!


Make sure that while you are doing your V-ups that you keep your legs OFF the ground. Push up with your arms at your sides, and really engage your core to keep your legs and back straight. When lowering your legs, keep your hands in the same place positioned on the ground, and simply bend at your elbows to draw your back down towards the ground while lowering your legs. BUT REMEMBER, don’t touch the ground with your legs or back until your 10 reps are done. AB KILLER!!!


Okay, but back to the clothes for a second! I am OBSESSING over this new tank and bra. I love the color scheme, obsessing over the fit, and the material is like butta’!

_DSC5698ashleebrookephotography _DSC5700ashleebrookephotography

Scalloped bottoms for the win! Adding a little bit of feminine flair to your workout attire…yes please. Oh, and these leggings are the most flattering things on the planet. You need them in your life.


For Jeff, those shorts are hands down his favorite to CrossFit in. The sales staff at TROLLEY SQUARE were so helpful and explained every detail of each short, down to the fabrics they use and the way they are suppose to move on your body. Jeff is picky with his workout clothes since he likes to be able to move throughout his weightlifting but needs to be able to transition to his gymnast work as well.



No workout is complete without our iFIT activity trackers! They track our SLEEP, ACTIVITY, and even our calorie intake through the APP on my phone! My watch you see here is actually an activity tracker too. Cool huh?


SO, here is what you do.

STEP 1: RUN to the TROLLEY SQUARE lululemon store and buy your special someone a pretty new workout outfit for Valentine’s Day.

STEP 2: Act surprised when she gives you some lululemon workout gear too. Great minds do think alike after all!

STEP 3: Sometime this weekend do this LOVE workout together for some fun, different, and unique quality time together.

STEP 4: Live happily ever after!


This weekend, the TROLLEY SQUARE lululemon store is hosting a complimentary yoga class on Sunday, February 14 at 10:30am!

Talk about the PERFECT Valentine’s Date!

They have mats and water so no need to bring anything else, but yourself!

AND they will be open until 6:00pm on Sunday for some last minute V Day shopping.

OR, hop on in this weekend, before Sunday, to check out all their new clothing they have!

Find the address below to get your lululemon shopping on

600 S 700 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

_DSC5776ashleebrookephotography _DSC5782ashleebrookephotography  _DSC5792ashleebrookephotography

I can’t think of a better gift than the gift of support and encouragement from the one you love to continue towards your goals!!


Check out all the details of our outfits below, in case you want to grab what we have!

MY shoes are from ASICS and Jeff’s are a REEBOK CrossFit shoe

Metal Vent 1/2 zip
-silverecent inhibits body odor bacteria from growing making it anti stink
-Body mapped in high sweat areas to help cool you down
Core short
-liner less
-draw cord
Tight stuff tight
-highest level of compression
-zipper pockets to secure personal belongings
-reflective details on the bottom
Energy Bra
-medium to high support
-Luxtreme fabric is swear wicking
-removable cups
Yogi Racer Back
-Breathable cotton with added Lycra to retain its shape
-loose fitting tank great for any activity
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