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It’s here. It’s here. It’s here. It’s here!

I’ve left little clues for my readers about this collaboration but haven’t really said much about it until NOW!

Last September I was emailed by a colleague of mine that I admire so much. He told me about this new fun swim company he was going to launch next spring (yeah, he’s kinda a bad A) and asked me to design a suit for Reagan Jane and I. I think I said yes even before he had a chance to finish his sentence. We’ve been working, sketching, and brain storming since then and I am so excited to finally reveal the suit to you guys!

The new company launches TODAY at 8 AM (MST) and it’s called THE PAKPAK!

Before you check out the other swim though, I have to talk about this design collaboration and how we designed these swimsuits!!!

I immediately knew I wanted a one piece swimsuit for Reagan and I. BUT, and that’s a big BUT…I had some serious requirements!

MY suit had to be fitted, flattering, fun, and perfect for all boob types. ESPECIALLY the small boobs, ya feel me ladies?!

All about the boobs…

Bandeau. Bandeau. Bandeau! I’ve tried on probably a million swimsuits. For reals though. And bikinis too! I’ve been on the hunt for a top to beautify and compliment my little lady lumps for years now! The bandeau style bikini top has won me over many a time, so I thought, why not put a bandeau like top on the suit with a fun twist in the middle?! It adds a little more without making it too much. The halter strap is removable and mostly there for all those women with larger chests who want a bit more support! The swim suit has BUILT IN pads that aren’t too much but just enough to add a little somethin’ somethin’ up there if you need it! #iamraisingmyhand

Now let’s talk about the fit…

Most one piece swimsuits don’t fit my body the way I want them to. They either hug too tight where I don’t want them to, or they don’t hug enough (specifically on the back)! Which is why I wanted the suit to cut a bit more on the sides towards the front, showing just enough of the side to showcase your figure, but not too much to be too revealing or uncomfortable while running around with kids at the beach.

Oh, don’t forget about the fun…

Okay, maybe FUN isn’t the best word, but I wanted the suit to make a statement without being too bold. I have so many different styles and trends that inspire how I dress, and I really wanted that to showcase through this suit. I was a bit scared to go so big on the print and color, and to be honest, I was seriously considering black for a while there just so other people would like it! Until the owner of The PakPak showed me this BEAUTIFUL marble print and I was immediately sold. Marble is my jam right now. I love how classic yet funky and fresh it looks! Funny story, we originally had both mine and Reagan Jane’s suit completely in that marble print. After the first fitting, we decided we needed to add some color. We happened to have a HUGE paint swatch booklet in the office and told Reagan to pick her favorite color. She LOVES blue and immediately pointed to THIS hue (when I say THIS, I mean in reference to the color on the swimsuit)! We couldn’t believe how well the print went with that color. We knew it had to be added! Putting together the marble and blue for the perfect mix of fun, funky, and fresh. #yep #ijustsaidthat

AND now the flattering bit…

Who doesn’t want to feel confident, sexy, and fit in their swimsuit? Am I right? I know there are places on my body that NO MATTER what the swimsuit or bra or brand, my skin hangs weird over a strap or seam. Which is why I wanted the thick long ties for the back. The thickness of the tie holds in those undesired rolls or extra skin or muscle or whatever you want to call it, you know what I’m talking about! Make them as tight or as lose as you want to really customize the fit for your body and shape. AND the long ties can even hang off your back and below the bottom of your suit to give some extra coverage. None of this string thin tie stuff. These thick straps really make the suit so flattering! Oh, and girls, I’ve got you covered, on your backside I mean! Full coverage on that booty was a must for this suit too.

Don’t forget Reagan’s Jane…

Bless her little body… that is the same size as my three year old little boy! She’s just my cute short little Polly Pocket, so I knew I needed a swimsuit that she could wear now and grow into it later. Her straps were ALWAYS falling off of her shoulders in her other swim. No matter the brand. I knew the thick tie in the back would come in handy for her as well! Straps stay exactly where they need to be! We gave her a couple different options for the bottom piece and she was pretty excited about the added fabric for the skirt. It’s the perfect little suit for our Reagan Jane, or for any little girl!

We are kicking off the launch of THE PAKPAK and my design collab with an INSTAGRAM giveaway BUT you MUST go enter on INSTAGRAM!

I hope you love it just as much as I do!


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