Kneaders for President!

This summer has been such a whirlwind! A sticky HOT whirlwind. Has anyone else had a hot hot hot summer too? Over 100 degrees pretty much the entire month of June and July. But, it’s been the BEST summer with so many amazing adventures. We’ve been trying to stay on top of our wholesome choices and eating this summer as well. With so much running around, we’ve tried to find fresh, delicious choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, when we don’t have time to pack something ourselves.

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That’s where Kneaders comes in!! Kneaders and their easy Online Ordering tool. You can simply order online at and then skip the line and head straight to the counter to pick up your fresh, wholesome food from Kneaders! I can order while the kids play at the park, and then I just run into the store to pick it up! The kids don’t even have to stop playing. It’s been such a lifesaver this summer.

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We LOVE their delicious salads and sandwiches and yummy desserts! The turkey, cranberry, and sunflower salad is my absolute favorite.

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We want you to enjoy Kneaders as well so we are giving away a $100 gift card to Kneaders on my INSTAGRAM! Head over there for all the details!

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(oh, and just in case you wanted to know my hat is GIGPIP, jumper is MADEWELL from Nordstrom Rack, scarf FREE PEOPLE, and Reagan’s dress is from NORDSTROM RACK as well!)

PC: Whitney Brailsford – contact at [email protected]

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