Stretching yoga flow for pregnancy and beyond!

pregnancy stretching yoga flow

I am really excited about this post!

I have been RELIGIOUSLY stretching everyday of my pregnancy and it has made a world of difference for me. I have lost hardly ANY flexibility and haven’t suffered from ligament pain AT ALL this pregnancy. I know it would be easy for my body to start feeling tight, sore, and agitated since I am still working out, but I have been able to keep my muscles happy with stretching everyday. This yoga flow I put together gives you a good idea of what I do for my daily routine. AND you can do it too. Especially in the morning time. As pregnant women, our ligaments and joints are lose and more delicate than ever, this is the biggest reason why you should be stretching and “warming up” all those ligaments so they perform for you better during the day. ALSO, I’ve talked about my anxiety this pregnancy and stretching is one of the many routines I practice daily that helps with my anxiety! I hope this helps you as well! PIN the image below for future reference and made sure to follow along the video that takes you through the entire flow. Feel free to pause and lengthen out the time in each stretch. I sped up the video a bit so it might seem like I am doing this a bit fast! ALSO if you aren’t used to stretching, I would recommend using something like a rolled up sleeping bag or large pillow to rest your arms on in the positions that might be too much for you!

OH, and one more thing, if you aren’t pregnant, I STILL challenge you to do this stretching sequence with me! It’s so great to ease the lactic acid out of your joints and helps with muscle fatigue, energy, and overall wellness!

pregnancy stretching yoga flow


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