Since being pregnant, I find myself doing the same movements in my workouts over and over. They are safe and they work. Although I’ve posted a workout similar to this on Instagram, I wanted to document these particular movements with photos so you all can save and reference for later! It’s a great burner workout for your arms and legs. Pin for later or get off that chair you are sitting on right now and bust it out. And remember, just because you aren’t pregnant doesn’t mean this isn’t for you. This workout is great for all humans!

The movements in the photo above are as follows…

Back Leg Elevated Lunges

(Make sure your front leg is extended enough that when you are deep in your lunge, your knee doesn’t go over your ankle. My leg isn’t as extended as it should be in the photo just FYI. Keeping back straight, lower down by bending both legs, almost making the back knee touch the ground, and then rise up again.)

Perform 8 lunges on one leg and then switch legs

Chair Dips

(Extend legs and body away from chair so hands are resting directly straight above the chair. While keeping your body straight, slowly lower your body by bending your arms. Eventually making a 90 degree angle with your arms. Then slowly rise up again, continuing to keep your body straight. Try to keep your back straight and your booty close to the edge of the chair)

Perform 10 chair dips.

Criss-Cross Step-Ups

(Place one leg on chair with the other crossed behind it and over to one side of the chair. While keeping back straight, core tight, and body upright, lift up onto leg that is raised on chair. While doing this, move the leg behind to the other side of the chair. That is ONE REP. Step back up onto elevated leg and bring back leg back to beginning position on the opposite side of the chair.)

Perform 8 step-ups on one leg and then switch legs

Elevated Push-Ups

(Place hands on chair and extend body out to a plank position. Lower body by bending arms into a 90 degree angle and then raise back up. Ensure that your back stays straight and your belly is clear of the ground!)

Perform 8 elevated push-ups

After each workout transition to the next. Take a 2 minute break once you’ve gone through each movement. Then perform each workout again. Go through this sequence 5 times!

MAKING SURE you are stretching adequately before and after.

pregnancy safe workouts

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