This post is about 2 weeks late BUT guess what?…we bought a house!!!

And not just any house, but the house we have been renting for almost 2 years.

If you can recall, when we moved to Utah, we moved into a “For Sale By Owner” home in Cottonwood Heights that we literally found because of divine intervention AND that divine intervention didn’t stop there. It is the reason why we found this home as well.

READ THIS POST to check out the how, what, when, where of our old rental!

I’ve been searching for the blog post that explains how we stumbled upon this little home and I can’t seem to find it. Is it possible I NEVER WROTE ABOUT IT? How? Did? That? Happen?

If you read the post above you understand how the Lord had His hand in us moving to Utah. AND it didn’t stop there…

So let me go back a bit, because I fear if I don’t write this down now, I won’t remember in a few years and that would NOT be okay!

From the second we moved into that home in Cottonwood Heights, I knew it was meant to be, but that didn’t mean it didn’t bring it’s own issues and problems. I will never forget watching ROTO ROOTER fix our toilet while moving in boxes and THEN moving into our kitchen to fix the kitchen sink AFTER they had fixed the toilet…with the SAME TUBE! Yeaaaahhhhh, I ran out to the garage and cried for like 10 minutes until I realized that I needed to get over it and deal with it…so that’s what I did.

For the next 6 months that house was both a curse and a blessing. From the sewer backing up in the entire basement, to a serious mouse problem, to appliances breaking down, and drug busts on our road, it wasn’t always a walk in the park BUT it was a home, with a beautiful backyard and a place for us to be. With all these problems and our rent slowly coming to a close (the owners wanted to put the house back on the market after we had rented for 6 months so we would have had to show the home whenever they wanted) we needed to find something and find something FAST. Except the only problem was we literally had NO WHERE to go, we wanted to stay close to Jeff’s work but most rentals in this particular area were double the cost of the current home we were in. We didn’t feel like we had many options. Until another miracle happened. (just a quick side note, now that I am writing this, I know I’ve written it before! Which means I am wasting so much time! DANG YOU SADIE for not titling your blog posts better! FOR THE LOVE)

This little rental home with all it’s problems just happened to be nestled across the street from the Edwards. The Edwards family had 4 kids the same ages as ours and parents that soon become some of our dearest friends. Dare I say, they were put there for us…because that’s what it seemed that at that moment in time.

On one particular night, Heather (the mama Edward) and I were out at a relief society event. I started talking to her about the possibility of us moving, or the inevitable outcome of our situation at the present time, and we both started crying. Neither of us wanted to leave but what choice did we have? We snuck out of the dinner and went on a drive in her minivan. This is when the miracle happened. Heather looked over at me and said, “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS BEFORE?! MY DAD HAS A RENTAL HOME IN SUGARHOUSE! I AM TAKING YOU TO SEE IT RIGHT NOW!”

And guess what, it was perfect. As perfect as you can imagine a house being. Too perfect.

So follow me on this one, this is where it gets even more crazy.

Her sister was renting the house at the time and was suppose to be out of the house 6 months prior. See, her husband had gotten a job out of state with a government agency but his security clearance hadn’t gone through yet! After 6 months of waiting and waiting they still hadn’t heard. They even had another renter in line to come rent the place after they had gone, but due to the security clearance, the other renters had to back out and find another place to rent. So, within the SAME EXACT WEEK of the other renters backing out, we just HAPPENED to go look at this house with Heather.

And guess what happened within that same month as well?

YEP, their security clearance went through. AND a week later the house was empty. and was ours to rent.


When we signed the rental agreement with Heather’s dad, AKA landlord, AKA homeowner, he clearly stated he only wanted to rent to us for a year. “I really want to sell this house soon!” He said.

We were grateful for that year and didn’t take it for granted. We treated that house like it was our own. We couldn’t help it. We were used to DIYing and FIXER UPPing and making it feel like our own. From sprinkler repairs, to a complete backyard overhaul, we loved this little miracle home of ours. When last December rolled closer, Jeff talked to the landlord and found out he wanted to rent it to us for another year.

His exact words…”I have no plans to sell in the near future. I like the arrangement we have going for us!”

AND I couldn’t be more pleased. I guess he liked what we had done with the place and it was growing on me more and more everyday.

Sure, it wasn’t anything too fancy.

With only one working shower and our kids sharing a room, it was much different than our home in Idaho. It was a city home. That we felt blessed to have!

Throughout this entire rental experience though, I must admit that Jeff and I felt unsettled. I think I used the word “gypsy” a couple times. It was different for us. Coming from Idaho where we felt so settled and I’ll admit, spoiled! We had a big beautiful, custom-made home that we bought foreclosed and put our heart and soul into fixing up. NOW, in SLC with this perfect fixer-upper little home in our hands we felt unsettled and anxious that we were unable to fix this little things needed. I just wanted to paint some walls, for the love. We constantly searched and searched for other home options. To buy, or rent, or something.

We didn’t for ONE SECOND think to look under our feet. That the answer would be right where we were. Where we weren’t looking. But one thing that was certain, we could never find a place. Every Sunday drive, every home search, or possible change ended up not being a possibility at all.

Then, one day last spring, Jeff got a text from our landlord. “I am thinking of selling the home, but wanted to offer it to you first. Let me know if you are interested!”

What? Stay here?

Buy here?

Was it even possible? Surely not!

We had done the calculations over and over and we simply couldn’t afford to buy in this area.

After praying, soul searching, and a lot of talk. We decided to text him back, telling him we were sooo interested BUT only if he would or could sell it to us for a certain price. AKA the only price we could afford.

We didn’t hear back from him for about a month. We had in someways forgotten about it and hoped that he would simply continue to rent it to us.

Until Jeff got a text saying something like, “I want to sell it to your family, for this price, this offer will not last long so let me know.”

THAT particular price, was within the range of what we could afford.

We couldn’t believe it.

SO, we took the leap of faith and did it.

We bought the little green home, in Sugarhouse, UT.

On the lamp-lined, tree-filled street.

With the most quintessiential scene you could possible imagine.

Built in 1939 (see original photo above) with all it’s flaws and newspaper filled insulation.

It couldn’t be more perfect for us!

We feel lucky, blessed, and completely in the exact place we are suppose to be.

What does this mean for Simply Sadie Jane?

OHHHH man, get ready for the DIY home posts coming back with vengeance!

Oh, and a VLOG video tour of the home as it is RIGHT NOW. I can’t wait to show you all OUR HOME and all the fun potential it has.

Stay tuned dudes, stay tuned!


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