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I can’t believe I will be 30 weeks next week! This little guy is going to be entering our lives and changing it for the better before we know it. He’s already had an incredible impact on my life. Every day I still can’t believe I am pregnant again. It almost feels like I am doing this for the first time all over again. It’s amazing what you forget in almost 5 years. I’ve been so lucky and blessed this pregnancy. Honestly, I feel great! I’ve been able to keep up my workouts and I have worked hard to keep a balanced diet as well. If you guys follow me on instagram, or snapchat, you’ve heard about the #sugarlessholiday I am doing with @jennaskitchen

Her and I have teamed up on instagram to challenge our readers to go without any processed sugar until Christmas EVE!!! We are on day 9 but we would LOVE if you wanted to join us!! There is still time. We are giving away an amazing prize package when it’s all done! Including shoes, an ifit, Lululemon leggings, the works!

I mention the challenge because I would be lying if I said it wasn’t hard for me. It’s actually more difficult than I thought it would be. You never know how much you lean on sugar until you take it out. I think it all started when I was in my 1st trimester and I would eat anything that would just stay down. Including white bread with processed sugar in it. Now that I have my nausea under control, there is no excuses for me anymore.

I haven’t been perfect but I feel so great! So much energy and drive to keep going on this little goal of mine. You can learn more about the challenge and why I think it’s so important on my instagram! @simplysadiejane

I am starting to get some serious ligament pain when I lay down or try to move in bed. I could workout for two hours and it would still be easier than trying to turn over in bed. Those hip and pelvic ligaments don’t mess around.

Since I’ve been stretching everyday, I don’t have much pain when I put on clothes or get out of the car (and as pathetic as that sounds…I swear I had ligament pain every time I moved after about 18 weeks with Baylor)

I credit that to stretching and drinking lots of water! I mean, HI, I can put my pants on without cringing and I am almost 30 weeks #winnnnnning

Besides the random weekly…ish meltdown, my mental state is mostly intact.

Side note: these pregnancy updates are going to be hilarious to read when I am older.

My anxiety has almost completely gone away and as long as I start my day with a prayer and meditation, my mind stays mostly clear and focused!

HUGE blog post coming about meditation by the way…

Little H and I have parties every single night! He loves to move and poke and party at night time.

The kids tell me “You’re not a small mommy anymore, your belly is huge!” and they can’t go an hour without hugging and kissing it.

They have been so patient and understanding with me! AND Jeff too. Bless his beautiful, handsome, delicious soul!

He’s been so supportive and understanding. Taking the kids sledding and on adventures with and without me. Last week I lost it and found myself in a puddle on the floor as I tried to help him put the kids snow clothes on. Bending down has seemed to be almost impossible now. But he gets it and tries to handle my delicate emotions as delicately as he can. #whereistheeyerollemoji

I know I sound like I need to be admitted into a mental institute but man pregnant emotions are REAL and if I am being honest, I feel like I am handling them fairly well.

This just might be our last pregnancy so I am desperate to embrace everything this pregnancy has to offer.

The ups, the downs, the pains, the beautiful bond that I have been forming with my son, and the overall blessing this pregnancy is for all of us.

AND can I just say…being this far along during the wintertime rocks!!!

I’ve had NO swelling and I get to layer the crap out of my body. It’s a pregnant girls dream, I tell yeah!


First, I am so obsessed with this sweater, it’s the most comfortable cozy WARM thing. The fabric is perfection and the length could not be better. Since being pregnant, I almost ALWAYS layer with cardigans and dusters that are long. They are just so flattering to my body shape right now.

This dress is comfy, vneck, snug dress goodness. AND THOSE olive green boots. COULD YOU DIE? You need them. Okay? Okay!

Happy Tuesday beautiful people.

Don’t forget to live with a heart full of gratitude and love.


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