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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Evolution Fresh® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


Did you know there is a National Green Juice Day? On January 26, 2016, Evolution Fresh® launched its first ever National Green Juice Day (NGJD) to celebrate the love for green juice and drive excitement amongst super premium juice drinkers. This year, Evolution Fresh and Postmates will celebrate “Taking a Sip in a Brighter Direction” with green juice in 10 select markets (Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Washington, DC, Miami, Phoenix, Orange County, San Diego). But remember, Evolution Fresh is a super-premium juice that is sold at your local grocery store and at select Starbucks stores, so you can enjoy their juice on NGJD even if you aren’t in the 10 select markets. Juice fanatics are invited to enjoy 3 free Smooth Greens & Kale bottles (three 15.2 fl oz bottles), delivered on demand via Postmates, while being able to share their love of green juice with their friends and coworkers. With this year’s sampling, even more people will fall in love with the Evolution Fresh brand, and will be able to “Take a Sip in a Brighter Direction.”


I LOVE that they are not only celebrating our love for green juices but that they are also encouraging us to live healthy, more exciting full-of-life lives! While their green juice is a part of starting 2017 in a brighter direction, they want to continue inspiring people to thrive through small sips that can make a big impact on their health and happiness. These include:

1. Nutrition: Small choices can make a big impact. Balanced meals and healthy food swaps can help give you the energy you need to power through the day. Consider swapping out a higher-fat salad dressing with a homemade version made with fresh juice.

2. Hydration: Midday fatigue is often a common symptom of dehydration. Maintain your energy levels and beat the afternoon slump by hydrating regularly.

3. Sleep: Getting a good night’s rest can lead to better thinking and healthier choices the next day. Aim for 8 hours or more to kick-start your day with more energy!

4. Exercise: Working out in the morning might help you make smarter food choices throughout the day and could help you maintain an overall healthier lifestyle.

5. Lifestyle and/or Mindfulness: Spending five minutes each morning being present (meditating, breathing, etc.) can help you start your day on a positive note. Set aside some time for yourself!

I will be taking these tips and utilizing them into my daily life. What a great jump start to my new year!

OH, and I want to add my own little #MySmallSip tip…

GOAL SETTING: Write down a goal that you want to accomplish this month! Hang it up somewhere where you can see and do something daily to work towards that goal. It will feel so empowering to work toward something daily and then accomplish it!! It can be as small as organizing a cupboard to as big as training for a 10k!


Evolution Fresh is passionate about inspiring people to thrive through nature’s green goodness. They craft their premium cold-pressed juices using fruits and veggies to give juice fanatics a tasty juice that’s both nutritious and satisfying. They simply take what nature gives us and deliciously presses, squeeze and mixes it for you to enjoy.

Many juices on the market have been heat pasteurized, which may affect the natural flavors and nutrients of the ingredients. Evolution Fresh believes in a different approach to making juice—they cold-press theirs using high-pressure processing to help protect the taste and nutrients of the fruits and vegetables they bring into the juicery. No artificial colors or flavors. Just your favorite produce, carefully sourced to taste as close to fresh picked as possible.


When I first was starting my fitness journey, I remember thinking how impossible it would be to change my diet and eat healthy 95% of the time. I was nervous and unsure. How would I keep up with my kids and meal prep and plan? A few months ago I was introduced to the Evolution Fresh® green juices and the first thing I thought of was, “Why didn’t I know about this juice sooner?” They make taking the steps in the right direction so easy and available. The two pictures above are my favorite! The Super Green and the Sweet Greens with Lemon are both so flavorful and delicious.

With each bottle containing an entire serving of veggies, it’s a perfect snack! You can’t go wrong!

Make sure to check out this site to Learn more about National Green Juice Day and the Evolution Fresh® green juices!

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