Happy 40th to my angel sister!

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It was my oldest sister’s birthday over the Christmas break. Not just any birthday though, the big 4.0.

Which meant only one thing. All the stops had to be brought.

A couple of my sister’s and I got together and contacted some of the best of the BIZ!!

We would like to think that we did it in a very budget friendly way, so of course, I have to share all the details.

For the actual lunch we made soups, put together a cheese board (I don’t know what cheeses I specifically used, other than I made sure to have some soft and hard ones.) and a yummy salad. We made everything ourselves, except some of the desserts and the bread bowls.

The cake we were going to have made as well, but it was going to be at least $100 so I put my big girl pants on and made the cake myself. That was stressful!

For the actual table, we bought what was left of the discounted evergreen garlands at Lowe’s and scourged through my mom’s decorations. Oh, and stole the disco ball from my sister’s house. It was so fun to create a table with beautiful things from my mom’s house. It made it even more special.

We knew we wanted to have the PERFECT dinnerware, that can make or break the feel of any dinner party. (I don’t really have any idea what I am talking about, but I will keep pretending like that I do)

SO, we decided to rent some beautiful dinnerware from @magnoliaranch (You have to go check them on instagram, designing and event planning at the very best!)

Gray plates, blue goblets, and gold silverware. It couldn’t have been more magical.

I enlisted the help from my girl Tosha to do all the handwritten place cards and menus. She even painted the tye-dye watercolor herself. She is so incredibly talented. YOU MUST use her for your next fun event. Find her on instagram @hellotosha. It really made an extra special touch to the lunch having all the names on the table. It makes the event special for everyone and not just the birthday girl.

Speaking of special, I had to made sure there was something special for everyone to take home so I had to make sure to stop at @taipantrading to get all my beauitful party favors. AND all the wrapping and details. We ended up gifting each lady with a scarf, necklace, a fun little christmas candle, and some candy. Thank you @taipantrading for literally ALWAYS having exactly what we need. Like, for EVERY occasion.

The final touch was made by the talented @aries86 she painted a beautiful watercolor of my dear sister and her sweet 5 kids. Something that she will always cherish and hang on her wall for the rest of her life. I actually searched high and low for the right artist and I was literally DRAWN to Jessica, it really was meant to be. She is the reason that we were able to gift a timeless gift, and that isn’t easily done. Thank you again Jess!

The lunch was a hit and I would do it over and over again for my dear sister. Sara Beth (the birthday girl) is not just an example to me, but an example to everyone that knows her. She’s kind, graceful, eloquent, selfless, loving, and Christlike.

I love you Sara Beth!

Thank you for letting us celebrate you!


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