HELLO 36 weeks, let’s throw a GIVEAWAY!

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36 weeks!


I am feeling so so good and getting so ready for this little boy to come into the world. Not just physically but I AM PREPARING THE GOODS!!

Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be able to tell you’ve had 2 other children by the looks from our baby stash…where did all of it go anyway?

OH, that’s right, we sold it all when we moved to SLC and needed to SERIOUSLY downsize our home goods.

Also, it’s been almost 5 years since I’ve had a child come out of my whoha! HOW? HAS? IT? BEEN? THAT? LONG?

I feel like I lost all my training aka mama knowledge, but never fear, after I had Reagan, I ran my first Ragnar Relay race when she was 6 weeks old and I left her with my fellow labor and delivery nurse friend (Nancy, I love you) and literally wrote a 12 PAGE report on how to take care of her! 12 PAGES!!!!! She found it a couple weeks ago and emailed it to me. It’s got some seriously good stuff. I need to reread that. And now that I am writing this, I am wondering if I already shared this story with you on a recent blog post… #pregnancybrain #whatamIevensaying

ENOUGH with the rambling…blah blah blah, it’s been a LONG TIME since we’ve had an infant in the house AND a long time since we’ve needed baby gear.

THIS TIME AROUND I wasn’t messing with any ordinary crib, or swaddle blanket, or diaper bag…

I wanted to really find something that I LOVED, the best quality, the cutest, the most of everything. #quedramatics

Which FINALLY leads me to this bag you see hangin’ on my shoulder in the pictures above all this rambling and such.

Awwwww, behold, the Lily Jade diaper bag aka the best diaper bag with ALLLLL the bells and whistles!

This specific bag I have is called “The Madeline” and I fell in love with it the second I saw it online. Not only for it’s perfect color but for the style. AND HI, all it’s little holders and pockets…especially that little zipper on the front, which is perfect to hold my keys and chapstick.

The bag itself it’s as soft as my little babies butt is going to be and it’s sturdy enough to withstand my 5 year old dragging it around while he’s “helping me”…not like I am going to let that happen, but ya know, I am just preparing myself for all possible circumstances. #threekids #how

OH, and ummm it converts to backpack or messenger carry in just seconds.

I took these little specs right off the site for you JUST so you could read for yourself all the bells and whistles.


  • 1 extra large exterior zippered pocket
  • 3 large exterior pockets–perfect for extra large phones
  • Zippered interior pocket
  • Two interior pockets

Accessories included:

  • Updated removable, washable 12 pocket organizer (patent pending) with two small handles that tuck away when not in use
  • Changing pad
  • Adjustable, detachable extra long strap for messenger carry or backpack carry – now wider than ever for additional comfort
  • Gorgeous double sided leather tassel with natural stone beads and individually cast logo bead

YEP, it’s perfection.

So much perfection in fact that I decided to give one away. Well, more specifically, $350 credit to Lily Jade!

YESSS GIRL, dreams do come true.

So, here’s all you gotta do…

  1. GO TO THIS LINK AND fill out the entry survey https://gleam.io/SMBfg/simply-sadie-jane-lily-jade-giveaway
  3. Make sure while you are there to LIKE the photo I post of the bag AND tag a few of your friends in the comments

That’s it gorgeous humans.

GIVEAWAY WILL END FEBRUARY 10th, winner announced on Feb 11th!

(OPEN worldwide)


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