Baby Shower for Baby H!



I know what your thinking…

“This doesn’t look like a baby shower, it looks like a wedding reception!”

…and you are right!
Like who throws a baby shower like that?

ANSWER? My friends do.

They just don’t know how to be settle, because they are so dang talented!
And I will be honest, I didn’t think I needed a shower for this little guy. I mean, he’s my third. And then sweet Kelly said to me, “EVERY baby deserves to be celebrated!”

And celebrated he was.


just WOW

I feel so deeply grateful and blessed to have so many incredible women in my life, women who throw parties, support me, love me, and just are plain bad ass empowering!

From the food, to the venue, to the many beautiful women who came to support and show their love…THANK YOU!


Let’s do a little recap of all the information, because I know you all need to deets!


NOAH’S Event Venue

You guys, if you are throwing ANY kind of event, this is the place to do it! I mean it!! It’s gorgeous, full of everything you need, and has the best vibe and feel for literally ANY occasion!

I found them through DUO Venues (@DUOVenues)

Their new platform links exclusive events with private properties around the country!

SO, even if you aren’t in UTAH, check them out for any of your venue needs.


HI, could you die over the food?

The amazing tacos and Mexican food was from @oteolindon

The cake and desserts were from my girl Megan, owner of @sweettoothfairy

and the POWER BALLS are from my girl SHANNON of @cleaneats_cleantreats

She ALSO is the one that put together all the food and made it all incredible!


None other but the stylist queen herself Jenni from @styledbyjenni

she is incredible and decorated the entire room with trinkets and treasures from @taipantrading

and those amazing yarn wall hangings were from @modernyarn

AND my girls @recycleddesign and @kellyjensen helped with ALLLL the party planning and set up and goodness.

I HAD to share it all because it was all so perfect and beautiful and I am one lucky lady to know so many talented humans!
I am still gushing over how magical that night was!

Thank you again AMANDA, KELLY, JENNI, and SHANNON for everything you did!

I love you all so so much


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