My secret to my newborn sleep routine!

Do you remember what it was like? Or, maybe you are in it now.

That magical yet extremely difficult newborn stage!

The lack of sleep, feeding every 2-3 hours, the newborn fog, the delusional late night feedings? Before I had Henry, I was nervous about bedtime and the late night feedings more than anything else. When the sun goes down and everyone goes to bed, that is when it can get really lonely and the anxiety can settle in. And that anxiety only gets worse if you don’t have the proper bedtime tools, tips, and equipment. My other babes didn’t sleep well, they were noisy sleepers, and I would have to get out of bed every time I needed to adjust or help them (which can be really difficult if you had a difficult delivery). With my others, I tried the bedside bassinet (an old school hand me down one) and I even tried a newborn swing, only to have both of them not work out and consequently, I would have to put my newborn in their crib at a very young age. Bottom line, I KNEW I needed something that was better, easier, more safe, and ultimately helped the baby and I get a more relaxed, safe sleep this time around. I did a lot of research this time, research that I knew would help me feel more prepared!


That is where my HALO BASSINEST SWIVEL SLEEPER comes into play!


This bassinest is honestly my secret to my nighttime routine.


First of all, when I opened it, I was shocked at how intense, heavy, and extreme it seemed…that was until I set it up and it ALL MADE SENSE!

The base is steady, strong, and safe. It actually adjusts in height so it is at the perfect height for your bed. AND the base is so sturdy so that the Bassinest can swivel back and forth. You can swing it super close to you when you are sleeping and you can swing it away when you are ready to get up.


We’ve been using the new HALO Bassinest Newborn Cuddle Insert in the Bassinest as well. (You can see it clipped to the sides of the bassinet in the pictures, especially in the one above) It fits snugly around Henry, offering the soothing comfort of a gentle cuddle for a better night’s sleep. It’s made with breathable mesh fabric so ensures optimal airflow to keep Henry sleeping comfortably. Its firm, flat sleep surface is designed to rest on top of the Bassinest mattress ensuring safe sleep for your baby that aligns with the AAP guidelines for safe sleep. And, its sturdy hooks attach easily and securely to the Bassinest.

(The HALO Bassinest Newborn Insert should be the only sleep insert used with the HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper. For babies up to 15 lbs. Discontinue when baby shows signs of rolling over.)  EmmylowephotoHenryNewborns-160

When we remove the Cuddle Insert, I love that the Bassinest has a breathable mesh fabric as well, so I can always have my eyes on my little Henry.

EmmylowephotoHenryNewborns-168  EmmylowephotoHenryNewborns-162


The side wall of the Bassinest lowers so it’s easier for me to grab him and get him out of the Bassinest for his feedings.

In the picture below you can see that at each end of the bassinet, there are little compartments and pockets for items you may need during the night. Every night I load them up with diapers, wipes, diaper cream, chapstick, and really anything I may need!   EmmylowephotoHenryNewborns-165

That HALO SleepSack Swaddle is such a life saver at night as well! It is so easy for me to put him in and safe and helps him sleep so soundly without me worrying that he will wiggle out of it! EmmylowephotoHenryNewborns-166

The Bassinest even has a soothing station that includes a nightlight, 3 lullabies, 3 nature and womb sounds, 2 levels of vibration and nursing timer with auto shut off.

I used the night light every time I feed Henry and I love using the sounds to help soothe him and use as a little white noise for me.

As you can tell, the Halo Bassinest has really been a game changer with this baby. Easily the best, and my most favorite newborn baby item, in my opinion!


Check out more about the bassinet at

And follow @HALOSleep on all their social media for all the new and upcoming product info!






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