Welcome to the world Baby Henry – a film by Kallie Cooper

I had planned to post this video along with my birth story and birth photos, but I felt I needed to give it it’s own blog post.

About 7 month ago, I received an email from a girl named Kallie. She wrote about her love for film and capturing moments. She mentioned the idea of her filming my birth video. I’ve never had one of my births filmed before. I don’t think I had ever considered it. But I was very curious and interested. I headed over to her website to check out her work and very quickly found myself an emotional crying mess while I watched the beautiful birth videos she had made. I knew IMMEDIATELY that I wanted her to be there with Jeff and I that day. Documenting the birth of our baby Henry. I kept in close contact with her but never met her until the second she stepped into my hospital room when I was just hours away from delivering. I was shocked at how comfortable I felt with her there. Her presence was sweet and calming and I immediately knew that she was the right woman for the job. She stayed in the shadows and filmed what was my most sacred and peaceful birth experience yet. It all just happened so fast and perfectly that even that night I told Jeff that I could hardly remember it all happening. It all seemed like this beautiful blur. And then Kallie sent me the link to my birth video a few days after and it was like I was there again. In that room. With all those beautiful people, having that sacred experience with my husband at my side.

I couldn’t have possibly prepared myself for how I would feel while watching it all back. And honestly, I don’t think I would have felt the same if I had had someone other than Kallie capture it for me. She was able to somehow preserve all the feelings, all the emotions, all the sacredness of the experience, into film for us to enjoy and look back on forever.

To Kallie, I want to say thank you. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Thank you for giving us this treasure that we will cherish for forever.

To all of you having babes, PLEASE consider doing something like this. (and if you are in Utah, you HAVE to use Kallie) I promise you won’t regret having this moment captured forever.

It was a beautiful perfect day, and I will never forget it!

You can contact Kallie on her blog HERE


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