Playing catch up! Family Maternity Pics!

Pictures by the talented @daynagracephotographyfamilymat12familymatfamilymaternitypics

Don’t worry, Henry is 2 months old and I still have like at least 3 maternity blog posts to write! It’s fine. I am fine. Three kids is a breeze. #sweatyfaceemoji #cryfaceemoji #laughfaceemoji

It’s been a beautiful and hard adjustment but I am happy to report that I have been soaking up little baby Henry with all of my might. Which is partially why I need to play catch up!

I have also been working on something super incredible for you guys! Like, I’ve never worked so hard on something in my life! It was suppose to be done 2 months ago but I want it to be so so perfect so it’s taken me a bit longer than anticipated. It will be out in a couple weeks. #dancingladyemoji

Pregnancy was beautiful for me this time around. It wasn’t always easy but man I savored and embraced and appreciated every moment.

I am so glad I get to have these pictures to look back on!

I hope I never forget just how much my little children loved my belly. Constantly hugging, kissing, and loving on it.

God is good!


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