Henry Craig Sabin – a birth story

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On February 22nd, at 3:37 P.M., you, Henry Craig Sabin, finally made your debut into this world.

We waited a long time for you, little guy.

Your mother was 39.2 weeks pregnant and for her first time ever, she felt great during her entire pregnancy, even up until the very end. The night before her induction, she remembers standing in front of the mirror and looking at her beautiful belly and body. She couldn’t believe this pregnancy was over. She was feeling so wonderful and was so grateful for such an incredible pregnancy. She took some time to meditate that night and thank God for all that she had experienced in the last 9 months. This pregnancy was redemption for her in so many ways. She took time to release negative energy and breathe in positive labor thoughts.

Her body didn’t love to go into labor on it’s own. In fact, it had a history of dilating to 5 cms and just hanging out (with Baylor), and even though she had been 3 cms for almost a week before the morning of the 22nd, and had contracted every night for the past 5 days for a few hours…nothing happened.

So, since her cervix was ripe and ready, and prayers had been had, and blessings had been made, the induction was scheduled to go!

She wanted to try to go into labor on her own, and deliver naturally. She was open to all possibilities as long as the outcome was YOU in her arms.

Being an old labor and delivery nurse, she knew the risks of every situation, so she listened to her body, and the spirit, and to your daddy.

She scheduled babysitters and stocked the fridge full of food. She vacuumed and folded laundry.

Daddy and mommy dropped the kids off at school (they were getting picked up by a dear friend named Alysia who was always willing to help out) and headed to the hospital.

Mommy was scheduled for a 7:30 am induction but was told it was busy so she might not get in. She woke up at 5 am just in case and at 7:30, they told her to come around 9!

With her nails painted white and baby blue, she put her gown on, and danced to Ed Sheeran’s, Shape Of You. Complete with shimmies and hip thrusts. She wanted to fill the room with positive vibes. Your dad may have recorded it and she may still have a copy. #blackmail

The day was perfect, peaceful, quiet, easy, and beautiful.

The room was only lit by the light that flooded through the windows.

She had her sister Sara and her mother there.

With a little bit of pitocin, her water broke. Before she knew it, she was 7 cms and was ready for an epidural. Within the next hour she was ready to push.

After 2 contractions, you were here Henry.

I know it seems short. And simple. But that’s because it was.

So simple, short, and absolutely perfect.

Her biggest baby by a long shot weighing in at 8 pounds 7 ounces.

You cried the second you were placed on her stomach and then immediately they placed you right in her gown and you both held each other.

You were only there for 10 minutes or so before you started rooting around.

You latched on immediately and it was as if you had always been in her arms.

The place you belonged.

That night, after they moved you both into the postpartum room, your big brother and sister came to see you and fell immediately in love with you.

Your mother laid in bed that night thinking how perfect the day had gone and how quickly it was all over.

She will never be able to thank God enough for you, little Henry.

Thank you for waiting up there for so long.

We hope it was worth the wait.

We know it was for us.

We all love you Henry.


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