Connecting with my babe with the help of ERGOBABY!

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If you read my last blog post, you already know that I finally got the guts to share with you all my breastfeeding struggles with Henry. I was able to breastfeed him perfectly, with the perfect latch and the perfect supply of milk, but due to my health, I had to make a hard, conscious decision about what would be best for me and for my family. In the end, it was better for everyone if I stopped breastfeeding and transitioned to formula. I was gifted this Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow right after I had Henry and it really has been such a huge piece in not only my breastfeeding journey, but also my bottle feeding journey as well.  ergo

When I was breastfeeding, this pillow was such a great tool to help me with latch, position, and my posture. I especially loved using it at night when I was really exhausted during those 3 am feedings. It offers firm support so that it can really be helpful to me and my babe. I didn’t have to slump over to get a proper latch or to get the hold I needed with the latch I needed. My back usually aches with the first few weeks of breastfeeding and this time it hasn’t once!


This pillow supports the entire family! Through breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, tummy time, or bonding time with siblings. It’s a great supportive pillow for him to rest in on the floor while we play with him!   ergo4

I especially love how it has grown with me during the transition to bottle-feeding. It really helped keep that tender connection I had with Henry. ergo5

Because of it’s unique contour this pillow positions him tummy-to-tummy for easier nursing and reduced rolling, but it also cradles my babe into me while I am bottle-feeding for a really beautiful connection.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ergobaby.

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