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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Helix for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

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What are we made of? Or more importantly, what are YOU made of?

Really though. Billions and trillions of little cells fill our bodies and compile together to make muscles, bones, and tissues. We then grow, develop, and somehow become these walking-talking humans who look, feel, see, and literally do everything particular to just ourselves.

When I first started my fitness journey, I thought that fitness, wellness, and health, all came from the outside. I had to stop eating this and that. I could only eat a particular amount of calories. I did a particular exercise or workout regimen.

But why?

Because everyone else was?

My workout regimen and health was completely and solely based off of outside opinions and sources.

Interestingly enough, if you follow me on INSTAGRAM, you are aware of the shift that I’ve taken with my life within the last few years.

I had to reach the lowest point in my life to understand that it was only by looking INSIDE that I could truly know and feel what my body needed.

AND, because of that shift, I am now healthier, more fit, and most importantly, more happy then I’ve ever been.

What about my physical wellness?

Can we look inside to find the answers to our physical needs?

And I don’t mean just at our bones and muscles, but deep down in our cells. Into our DNA!

We are all incredibly unique, so unique that we all have our own specific genetic data that makes us exactly who we are. What we look like. Even the way our hips are placed or our shoulders move and develop.

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Wouldn’t it be so cool if there was a way to dig deep into our DNA and find out exactly what we are made of?

Um, the answer is YES!

Let me introduce you to the COOLEST company, Helix!

The DNA company.

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From learning and discovery to sequencing and storing your DNA, Helix is able to guide you throughout your DNA journey.

With their high-quality, trusted partners and state-of-the-art lab, they’ve created the first platform of personalized products and services powered by genetics. Some of their partners include Mayo Clinic, Invitae, Mount Sinai, and National Geographic, just to name a few.
Uh, that sounds LEGIT!
They have technology that reads every letter of all 22,000 protein-coding genes in your body, which produces 100 times more data than most consumer
genetics companies.
AND all of this is done within the comfort of your home.
You can go online and select your specific DNA product, then a DNA collection kit is sent to you in the mail.
You then register your kit online, send a small saliva sample back to them in the mail (everything is included in the package, including the returning labels for the sample) they then sequence your DNA by reading the millions of letters of your genetic code that you inherited from your parents. They then store and protect your genetic data so you can access and share it with any partner of your choosing without ever having to provide another DNA sample.
So incredibly genius.
Some of their different kits include Fitness Diet Pro by DNAFit, (That’s the one I did!) Food Sensitivity+ by EverlyWell, or even a Wine Explorer product by Vinome.

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The FITNESS DIET PRO KIT helps people understand how their DNA affects their response to fitness and nutrition changes. The DNA insights can help you personalize your exercises and nutrition choices.
It can help you understand how your body responds to power or endurance training, your resilience to sports injury, and recovery speed, to make your exercise choices right for you.
It can even tell you about your genetic response to carbohydrates, saturated fats, lactose, alcohol, and caffeine, and you’ll also learn whether your genetics indicate an increased need for antioxidants and certain vitamins.

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I just turned in my kit and I can’t wait to get it back and learn all about my results.
You guys need to try this too, so I have a code, let’s find out amazing DNA goodness together!
BUT HURRY, it’s only good for the first 25 people that use it!
You can get 30% off the first purchase with this code: Helixz5Ha
Stay tuned for my results.

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