Check out my results with HELIX and my DNAfit test!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Helix for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I received my results back from my Helix DNA report, CHECK OUT THE POST HERE!  I decided to choose the specific Fitness Diet Pro plan that is offered on the Helix Store. Its DNA-powered insights can help me personalize my exercises and nutrition choices. DNAFit’s Fitness Diet Pro will help me understand how my body responds to power or endurance training, my resilience to sports injury, and recovery speed, to help make my exercise choices right for me. Or in the case of diet, Fitness Diet Pro tells me about my genetic response to carbohydrates, saturated fats, lactose, alcohol and caffeine, and I will also learn whether my genetics indicate an increased need for antioxidants and certain vitamins. The entire health and fitness package, wrapped in a virtual bow, all ready for me to open right before the holidays and right after my 5th helping of my homemade toffee! HA. I am truly so thrilled with the results and the education I received behind it! I received a full analysis of, not only my fitness genetic coding, but also an in-depth look into what my nutritional genes are made up of, like it explains above. And really, I was more excited about the nutritional results than the fitness. They were so fascinating to me. helix As athletes, moms on-the-go trying to lose weight, or someone who has struggled with health and fitness their entire life, I think we all strive to find out what we can do physically that will benefit us the most. And that goes for nutrition as well. I was excited to see just how intense and insightful these results were. From explaining how my body responds to carb intake to my sensitivity to caffeine. I was really impressed with how insightful the nutrition portion of my results were. Below you will see some screenshots together in a collage of my results! helix22

DNAFit doesn’t just give you results. They give you education. They teach you about specifics! Like the post above, you can see they teach about carbohydrates, the different kinds of carbohydrates, and what specific foods I should eat more.

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It even explained the type of exercising that might benefit my body the most and if I am at risk for possible injury more than the average human. Which, to my surprise, I am. I’ve always spent an increased amount of time stretching before and after workouts. I am so glad I’ve been doing that now that I know that I am more prone to injury.


I especially feel like the DNAFit kit is a justification scientifically to take time for myself to better my health. It uses science to make suggestions about what your body might respond better to. It educates and teaches you to fuel and feed your body with proper nutrition and vitamins and minerals. I learned that I have a predisposition to lower Omega-3’s and I could benefit from increasing my antioxidant intake which in turn could protect myself from free-radicals. I consider myself a very healthy person, so to see some of these results was an exciting reason to really dial in to my health and fitness goals.

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I really feel like these results and this education would be beneficial for anyone and everyone! AND, I have a code so you can try it out or gift it to someone who would love it (which is everyone in case you were wondering) ha!

BUT HURRY, it’s only good for the first 25 people that use it!
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