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How the crap did that happen?

I honestly thought December would be one of the slowest months of this year but Christmas is now a week away and I don’t even know how that happened. Where did the month go? I’ve canceled all my Christmas events and adventures and I spent most of December crawling around the floor with my little Hefty Henry. While Henry was napping the other day, I was taking some time for myself (rare lately) and checking out a new app I downloaded called, Raise. Raise is like the ultimate hub for all your gift card needs, but not just ANY gift cards…DISCOUNTED GIFT CARDS. After seeing all the discounted gift cards from thousands of great brands, I decided to grab one to treat myself to some new activewear (you can never have enough). That, along with everything else going on, inspired me to make a little “How To Take Care Of Yourself Over The Holidays And Do Something For Yourself List”. Okay, I am clearly still working on the name but, I’ve been needing to take a step back and work on me a little bit more, so this list is just as much for me, as it is for you! I hope I can inspire you to take some time for yourself during this busy holiday season too! Check out the full list below!


The first week I stayed home from family gathering was Thanksgiving. My husband and two older children went to an extended family member’s house for Thanksgiving, and I stayed home with Henry. I remember thinking that those next 4-6 weeks would be so long. Because of Henry’s bilateral skull fractures, he has needed to be home and monitored 24/7. Which means no crawling or sitting or anything without hands and eyes on him always.


I really can’t believe it’s been almost 5 weeks. I think I’ve left Henry maybe 3 times in the last 6 weeks and I will be honest, it hasn’t been easy. I thought maybe taking a step back from events and the hustle of life would give me more breathing room to focus on my family and myself a bit more this holiday season. And although I’ve been able to serve my family and others more, I have noticed a huge deficit in the care of myself.

It could be the stress or the pressure I put on myself to provide Henry with the safety he needs. It could be the 250 pounds of toffee I keep making and then consequently eating. All. Day. Long. Because I have been eating my feelings. Or it could the lack of sleep I am getting from staying up late (mama needs a couple seconds to herself) and then waking up multiple times a night to check on Henry.

Whatever it is, it’s very clear that I haven’t been treating my body right. AND enough is enough.

So, I have compiled a few things that I KNOW I should be doing during these winter months to help me with the winter blues. And I think you should be doing them too!

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  1. MOVE YOUR BODY. Every. Single. Day!- (and note that crawling around on the floor doesn’t count). I want something different. I deserve something different. Whether that be a run, or a sweaty workout in my family room, maybe some squats while dinner cooks. AND GUESS WHAT? It’s okay to leave for an hour to hit up a yoga class or crossfit class. If you find yourself home all day, you need to get out and breathe!
  2. MEDITATE: find stillness to compliment the movement. I just recorded a meditation! It’s on my IG @simplysadiejane
  3. READ A BOOK: Turn that dang phone off and just allow yourself a few minutes to read. To be fully immersed in a different country or life or story.
  4. TAKE SOME CLEANSING BREATHS: inhale positivity, exhale negativity
  5. DRINK ALL THE WATER. We all need to drink more water! It naturally detoxifies and hydrates all your organs and muscles.
  6. SUPER FOODS! Eat RIGHT, especially during breakfast time. It’s literally the most important meal of the day and can really start your day off right!
  7. CELEBRATE YOURSELF! I think it is so important to be kind to yourself! And I don’t mean by just saying kind words, I mean spoil, splurge, congratulate, or just know that you are worth it and you should be rocking those Adidas shoes or Reebok shirt that you’ve been eyeing for months. And don’t just buy it, buy it with a discount by using Raise! Raise helps you make your money go further by using discounted gift cards. Buy a gift card at a discount for yourself to create your own sale wherever you shop! Simply download the free iOS or Android app and take your savings on the go. You can buy with confidence thanks to Raise’s 1-Year Guarantee. I know it can seem impossible to find money left in your Christmas budget to spend money on yourself but who better to gift you something than yourself?!? It will never fail you! Just today I went onto the Raise APP and bought a giftcard for $42, and the giftcard had $50 on it! Hello new Nike or Adidas running shoes! Or new leggings from! The options are endless.
  8. SLEEP: Really, you need to rest. Even if that means take a nap (GASP!) Do it. Listen to your body and treat it well!


The point is this. TAKE TIME for yourself, especially during the holiday season. You deserve that and so much more.


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