Summer lovin’ with YARDBIRD

Summer time backyard lovin’ is my jam!

I don’t know about you, but I wait all year for those nights: summer barbecues complete with giggling in the background from messy-faced, sticky-fingered, barefoot kids, who consequently only end up eating a bag full of chips and 3 s’mores from said BBQ. Oh, and then end up throwing up at 2 am from a stomach ache. Wait, is that just my kids? I mean, that’s never happened to me. I don’t know what you are talking about. #parentingatitsfinest

But it’s more than just the summer nights, and it’s more than just the heat. It’s having a place to enjoy the heat. To enjoy summer.

Just 2 weeks ago, we received new outdoor furniture from YARDBIRD for our backyard, and now even before the barbecues and water fights, our summer can start!

This is a big deal, people, like for real. Can we just take a moment of silence for this patio furniture?!

Having a place to relax and live and watch my family enjoy summer is the absolute BEST!!

We used to live on a one-acre lot in Idaho, and we felt so lucky to have that property. Now, in our little home in Salt Lake City, our yard is much smaller, but we’ve worked hard for it. We’ve worked hard to make it look the way it does and have the beauty that it possesses. We want to embrace it and be outside, and with this furniture, we really get to enjoy it.

I remember last summer Jeff bought a small portable fire-pit so we could make s’mores in the backyard surrounded by metal folding chairs, and man, it was fun, but it always felt a little unsafe and unreliable. We have a toddler who can now literally flip the pit over, and he could probably carry it! #heftyhenry Also, did I really just call him a toddler?! Where does the time GO? I digress. Henry’s a busy, bustling toddler these days, and that fire-pit was a disaster waiting to happen. We spend so much time outside that not only did we need a fire table that was durable and safe but also a place to sit around the fire that was comfortable and could handle the bipolar Utah weather.

I really have never been so impressed with a piece of furniture. That is not an understatement, and you can hook me up to a lie detector so I can prove it to you! The comfort of these chairs is incredible. Like ask me how many days out of the last 14 I have sat on them? NO joke, 14! I’ve noticed myself FINDING ways to get myself out there so I can sit on them! After walking the kids to school, while Henry is napping, or at night time with my family. They rock and swivel too, which is so nice when you are reaching for wipes one second and picking up a child the next. Or stealing a kiss from my husband one second and fixing a s’more the next. 

And my last favorite feature?

Yardbird has spent the past 2.5 years working to collect plastics on beaches, waterways, and highly susceptible locations in the Philippines, and they have incorporated over 30,000 lbs of this material into the furniture and packaging in 2017 alone.  How unbelievable is that? AND they are aiming for over 100,000 lbs in 2018!

In addition to manufacturing with recycled materials, their furniture is also 100% recyclable.

When I am ready to retire any of my Yardbird pieces (which will happen NEVER), they will happily reclaim and repurpose it, giving it new life far from any landfill.

I literally got chills when I read this!! Plastic from beaches!!! Really, what an incredible company with incredible, comfortable products!

Incredible furniture that makes it that much more enjoyable, fun, and memorable to…

…watch water fights with the hose.

…rock a child wrapped in a warm towel after said water fight.

…get home early from a date night just so we can come outside to sit and talk under the stars (literally just did that this weekend).

…laugh and make memories.

…be together as a family!

Side note: You should try to find yourself a soulmate that looks at you the way I look at this s’more! I don’t even know if I look at Jeff this way! BAH!

YARDBIRD wants you to enjoy your summer too!

They have given me a discount code JUST FOR YOU!

You can get $100 off your order of $1500 or more




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