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At the beginning of May, I started a journey with Omron Healthcare to share heart health and prevention awareness with my readers and to help Omron spread the word about their mission GOING FOR ZERO!

GOING FOR ZERO is an initiative to eliminate heart attacks and stroke by building AWARENESS and driving EDUCATION about the link between high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack and stroke.

May was Stroke Awareness Month, which was the perfect month for me to start this challenge, not only because of the link with strokes and heart health but also because of how personal this awareness is for me, and especially for my husband Jeff. You can read more about that here! 

Nearly 800,000 strokes were recorded in the US last year! And that is the average for every. Single. Year.

Yet, healthcare professionals say that 80% of those are preventable, which is why AWARENESS is what it is all about!

With this incredible new wireless upper-arm blood pressure monitoring cuff, we can IMPROVE THIS AWARENESS!

The Omron EVOLV, the latest innovation from Omron Healthcare, Inc., is a portable, wireless upper-arm blood pressure monitor that is clinically validated for accuracy and has received FDA clearance. With no tubes, wires or tabletop unit, the new sleek, one-piece EVOLV blood pressure monitor easily fits on the upper arm and clearly displays a blood pressure reading on the face of the device with a press of a button.

You can learn more about it on my last post, but I want to share some tips on this post that I have incorporated over the last month while on this journey of awareness. These tips have helped me remember and STAY ON TOP of monitoring my blood pressure weekly. AND these tips can help you even if you need to take your blood pressure daily!

TIP 1: Keep your blood pressure cuff OUT where you will see it and be able to easily access it!

Like these photos show, this cuff is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing (obviously not necessary for a blood pressure cuff, but I am calling it a seriously fun bonus win #whynot). AND, it ultimately may make it easier for you to keep it out on the shelf. I mean, even if it was bright yellow and ugly, I would recommend that you keep it out on your shelf. BUT, it’s not and you can rock this sleek looking cuff for everyone to see! 

Make sure to not just keep it out in the open but somewhere that you are sure to see or pass by it often. Like, for example, the entry way table or the dishes you use every day!

TIP 2: Write notes for yourself and place them where you know you will see them!

The fridge is the perfect place to leave yourself a reminder to take your blood pressure (which ultimately might kill two birds with one stone…reminding you to take your blood pressure and make healthy food choices).

You can also place notes on your mirrors, in or on your clothing drawers, or even on your car dash by the radio or temperature controls!

TIP 3: Set an alarm in your phone!

You can set an alarm in your phone to go off every day at the same time so you will be notified every single time you need to take your blood pressure! You should see my alarms in my phone! I have hundreds (and I really am not even kidding).

Remember, heart health isn’t just for you; it’s for the people that love you as well! It’s for a better lifestyle. It’s for a carefree, joyful, and LONG LIFE!!!

You can learn more about heart health and PREVENTION at

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