Simply Balanced Maternity Health and Fitness Guide


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I started my fitness journey in 2012, after suffering from postpartum depression following my second pregnancy. I was over 200 pounds, and I felt miserable physically, mentally, and emotionally. I began exercising and eating well, but the true transformation came as I incorporated more meditation and self-care into my life. It took me over three years to find myself, and after I did, I felt ready to try pregnancy again—this time, with an entirely different perspective on life. With the exercises I implemented and the lifestyle changes I lived, this pregnancy was not only different but it completely changed my view on pregnancy. This PDF file program (will be EMAILED TO YOU WITH CLICKABLE DOWNLOAD IMMEDIATELY AFTER PURCHASE) is a comprehensive, pregnancy-safe, 24-week workout guide with a full-circle approach to your healthiest pregnancy ever. Limit excessive weight gain and lose the weight faster after pregnancy. Feel healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. Please email ([email protected]) if download is not in inbox in 24 hours (make sure to check spam email as well.)