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Simply Kids Self-Love



You get a full PDF course workbook, video training course, and so much more.  Everything you need!!!

  • SIMPLY KIDS – 14-DAY VIDEO TRAINING COURSE – Join Regan, Baylor, Harry,  Panda, and me as we teach your children the tools to find true self-love and awareness while they gain empowerment and connection with their emotions through the hardships of childhood.
  • SIMPLY KIDS 51-PAGE WORKBOOK – Receive 51 pages of worksheets that correlate directly with the video training course. Each page helps drive home learning and understanding and delivers more education from the topic discussed in the video that day.
  • SIMPLY KIDS SUPPORT GROUP – Benefit from an amazing support group full of parents, caregivers, and friends, all helping their children achieve success!


This journey of self-love and awareness is  so amazing for your child. Join Regan, Baylor, Harry, Panda, and me as we introduce you and your child to the Toolbox of Power and the tools that we all need, not only to build our
self-love home but also to take control of our emotions and bodies.

Kids are smart, resilient, and resourceful. I know they have the ability to grow by leaps and bounds with the information they’ll be getting from this course and with the support from a loving adult like you. WE BELIEVE IN YOU!


  • Any child between the ages of 2-12
  • Any child who struggles to communicate how they are feeling to their parents
  • Any child who struggles with bullying, insecurities, or self-worth
  • Any child who struggles with anger and other heavy emotions
  • Any child who has a difficult time understanding their bodies
  • Any child who struggles with sensory processing disorders
  • Any child who struggles with fear or falling asleep
  • Any PARENT who wants to give their child the tools to communicate better, to love themselves, and to empower themselves over the rigors of life

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