Simply Balanced
Maternity COOKBOOK

Recipes to Support You

And Your Growing Belly

Fueling yourself during pregnancy is so important but can be so confusing…

“What do I eat?”
“Why am I craving this or that?”
“What will best nourish my babe and me?”

This cookbook will help you find some direction with all those delicious food cravings and give you beautifully curated recipes to help you grow that little cherub inside you.

My first two pregnancies I kept Taco Bell and Wendy’s in business. I threw all my education about nutrition out the window, which resulted in hard pregnancies with extreme weight gain.

This cookbook helps you find balance between ice cream and organic food. It allows you to not just indulge in delicious food, but delicious food that is good for you and your baby too!

-Sadie Jane

Eating well is one of the best gifts you can give your baby. These recipes were developed with careful attention to each ingredient, giving you
an opportunity to make each meal satisfying and nutritious for you and your darling little one! I truly believe food is medicine. It holds the power to achieve optimal mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Taking care of our bodies (and that precious body who grows under our hearts) through nourishing them with good food is the key to leading a thriving wholehearted life… and you are doing it, mama!

-Abbey Rodriguez


“The cookbook helps you find balance between Ice Cream and Organic food”​

- Simply Sadie Jane


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What's In the Book?

26 Delicious Meals

  • 7 Breakfast
  • 7 Lunches
  • 7 Dinner
  • 6 Snacks

Food Craving Guide

Ever wonder why you crave pickles and what your body really needs? We have a guide that will help you through all the cravings.

Easy to Follow recipes

Healthy, nutritious, easy to follow recipes that will make your mouth water, and your brain & heart & soul will thank you ! 

Shopping list

The cookbook includes a shopping list for the entire cookbook

Eat yo pickles

about the authors

Sadie Jane

Simply Sadie Jane is a fitness and lifestyle blog that focuses on author Sadie Jane’s everyday life as a young modern mom on the quest for body, mind, and soul awareness, connection, and strength in a busy world.

In 2008, Sadie got married, graduated with her Registered Nurse degree, and started blogging. She then worked for 5 years in the Labor unit and would blog her experiences as a nurse and wife at 3 AM in the break room. After having baby #2, Sadie Jane shared with her readers how she lost over 80 pounds while having little children, little money, and little time. She specializes in at-home fitness and shares tips, tricks, tutorials, and at-home workout plans with her readers all over the world.

It wasn’t until she hit rock bottom in 2015 that she learned that wellness was more than just working out. It was self-love and awareness, something Sadie struggled with her entire life. She found education and healing from her childhood food disorders and body dysmorphia through hypnotherapy and yoga. She learned it wasn’t about her weight, but about her inner creator and light.

That knowledge freed Sadie from her false beliefs of herself and inspired her to make it her life’s mission to share this love with women all over the world. She became Yoga certified and enjoys sharing her love of CrossFit and Yoga with her community.

While pregnant with baby #3, Sadie researched and studied perinatal fitness and became an expert in the field. Her programs and courses inspire women everywhere to live their best lives NOW. Never taking herself or life too seriously, she’s not scared to relate to her readers and share everyday motherhood moments.

Sadie loves giving her two cents on topics like fashion, beauty, travel, snoring husbands, cupcakes, and toddler tantrums. She quit nursing 4 years ago when she decided to blog full-time.

Sadie loves inspiring women to see their true potential and strength and is blown away everyday that she is privileged to stay home doing what she loves. She has worked, modeled, and traveled for many major top brands and appears on TV shows sharing her tips and story.

Abbey Rodriguez

Abbey Rodriguez is holistic nutritionist, herbalist, and gluten-free food blogger. In March 2018, Abbey was diagnosed with celiac disease, in addition to longstanding hypothyroidism and an autoimmune disease. Since then, she has healed her body through using food and herbs as medicine and is on a mission to help others do the same.

Abbey’s recipe development and
food photography work has been featured in major industry publications such as The Huffington Post, Shape, POPSUGAR, and She resides in the D.C. metropolitan area with her husband and three boys.​

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Show your body Love with your Food

7 Breakfasts

7 Lunches

7 Dinners

6 Snacks

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